4 REASONS TO HIRE A RUNNING COACH April 20, 2017 12:00

Ready to Take Your Sport to the Next Level?

Hire A Coach!

Maybe you've thought about hiring a running coach, but haven't taken that important step in your training yet. We're here to tell you all about the benefits of hiring a coach and why now is the time!

4 Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

1. Improve Performance

Most of us need help when it comes to training for a race. Sometimes that leads people to search for training programs online, but those programs are not tailored to you and won't necessarily be effective or even healthy for you. A coach works closely with you to tailor your workouts to your specific needs and goals, factoring in nutrition for a total approach that revolves around YOU! That means you can approach your race with confidence, and your coach can give you reasonable expectations about how to achieve a personal best.

2. Avoid Injury

When training with a coach, a professional approach will help keep you from overdoing it and becoming injured. A coach knows when to tell you to take a rest day, or take it easy during a certain workout. They know exactly what your goals are and how best to achieve them, so you can trust that they have your best interests in mind. Avoid injury by listening to the coach!

3. Train Responsibly in Summer Heat

It can be difficult to train in Florida's summer heat, and sometimes people will push themselves because they think they aren't doing as much as they were doing in the cooler months. A coach will help temper this tendency by providing appropriate summer workouts that will prevent you from getting overheated, dehydrated, and fatigued.

4. Make friends

When training with a coach, one of the best aspects is meeting other runners with similar goals. When weekly events like speedwork or track take place, you'll have the opportunity to train with other runners who are working with your coach. It's a great way to make friends, receive encouragement, and cheer each other on!



Train with Coach Jimmy

Looking for a coach? Look no further! St. Pete Running Company's Running Coach is Jimmy Williams, and he's taking new clients!

Find out more about specific programs, like Multisport Coaching, by visiting THIS LINK.

About Coach Jimmy:

Coach Jimmy has been a local runner since racing track & field for Dunedin High School. At Florida State University, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. Jimmy was also exposed to the sport of Triathlon at FSU and competed at the collegiate level all 4 years. Jimmy continues to race in a broad range of events and likes to race alongside his athletes. He's a natural encourager and doesn't believe in "yelling" at his clients. Most recently he completed his first Half Ironman, earning 3rd in his Age Group.

What his clients say:

"I started training with an online coach who was actually an accountant turned running coach, but she knew nothing about me and was unable to watch me run. I knew I needed a change so that’s when I decided to try Jimmy out. Jimmy kicks my butt when I need it but is understanding when I need him to be. Jimmy is knowledgeable, motivating and approachable. He never makes me feel inferior or dumb for any of the questions that I ask. Most importantly, Jimmy knows not only how to develop an athlete but also how to speak to an athlete because he is an athlete. Jimmy is an excellent coach and any athlete would be lucky to have him."


"Being coached by Jimmy is like having an insurance policy for my racing performance and improvements. He is thorough in his plans and makes a conscious effort to know specific details about my races and goals. Jimmy is patient and committed to proving I can accomplish my objectives."


"Jimmy is very knowledgeable of the sport, a reliable/responsible coach, totally approachable and easy to communicate with, and always listens to my concerns and needs. The training program he designs is tailored to my specific abilities and goals. With Jimmy as my coach, I have set running Personal Records in various distances, won my age group in a triathlon, and progressed as an athlete. I couldn't do it without Coach Jimmy!"





Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.


Have You Gotten Out of the Habit of Stretching?

Then Here Are Some Key Stretches For You!

As runners and walkers, we can sometimes focus on putting in miles rather than maintaining strength and flexibility at home or the gym. While distance runners and walkers increase their mileage to gain endurance, it's equally important to keep up with a stretching and strengthening routine to prevent injury.

Physical Therapist Karen Gonzalez employs a technique called Ki-Hara, which is a type of resistance stretching that involves lengthening muscles while strengthening at the same time.

Here are 4 Ki-Hara Stretching Exercises

For Every Day

These four stretches involve strengthening and lengthening the muscle. Do not rush, but move through the motions slowly. Only stretch to your tolerance level in each of these exercises, and repeat Steps One and Two (pictured) about 5 or six times.


Step One- Bend knees and place hands beneath the arch of each corresponding foot (right hand goes under right foot, left hand under left foot).
Step Two- Straighten the knees in a slow motion and then bend the knees for one rep.
Repeat the straightening and bending of the knees 5-6 times, slowly.
Variations- Turn out both toes and do step one and two. Then turn in the toes and do step one and two.

Hip Flexor

Step One- Kneel on one knee with the back foot down. Plant the opposite foot in front with the knee bent.
Step Two- Tuck the pelvis underneath by tilting it forward. Push down on the back leg as if you're pushing your foot into the ground while leaning slightly forward on the front leg.
Repeat steps one and two about 5-6 times, slowly. Switch legs.


Step One- Lay flat on your back. Bend one knee all the way to your chest. Keep the opposite knee bent with the foot planted on the floor.
Step Two- Extend the heel of your foot toward your head.
Repeat steps one and two about 5-6 times, slowly. Switch legs.
Variations- Instead of bending the opposite knee, straighten that leg for a more difficult stretch.


Step One- Lift one bent elbow to about shoulder height. Take the opposite hand and place on top of the elbow.
Step Two- Raise the elbow at the same time as using the opposite hand to push down on the elbow. Tilt neck away at different angles for stretch.
Repeat steps one and two about 5-6 times, slowly. Switch arms.


Injured or Looking for a Physical Therapist?

Whether you've sustained an injury or simply want to improve as a runner, set-up an appointment with Karen Gonzalez by calling (727) 481-1694. She employs Ki-Hara, Ultrasound, Shockwave, and other therapy methods to best help her clients.


Example of Ki-Hara with Karen

Ultrasound with Karen

Shockwave with Karen

Karen has been a registered physical therapist for 20 years. She's a Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer and a Certified Level I Track and Field Coach with the USATF specializing in proper mechanics and treatment of injuries. Visit her WEBSITE for more info.






Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running.



What If You Could Still RUN?!

The Alter-G Treadmill at Rubin Health Center

What is an Alter-G Treadmill?

St. Pete Running Company recently visited the Rubin Health Center. (Check out the video!) The Alter-G Treadmill is a type of treadmill that lifts the person up while they run/walk. There are arrows that the person can select to reduce/raise the amount of weight applied when using the machine. It enables regular folks like us to use the same training machines that world class athletes use.
Cody Angell using the Alter-G Treadmill
For Example:
A 200-lb person can reduce their weight on here by 25%, and experience what it would feel like to run if they only weighed 150 pounds!
Another example:
That same person could reduce their weight by 50% and run as if they were a 100-lb person.

The experience is unlike any other, unless you were planning on going to the moon.

Injured? Try Alter-G!

Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, joint pain?

If you have an injury, you might consider trying out the Alter-G treadmill. A person suffering an injury may not be able to run under normal circumstances, but with a reduced weight on the Alter-G they may be able to resume running much sooner. This could potentially accelerate recovery.


Visit Dr. Rubin

The Rubin Health Center in St. Pete has the only commercial grade Alter-G treadmill available for use. It's one of a kind in the area. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the same exact one for their athletes to use.
This one is available for the public, and rates start at around $1 per minute.




Blogger Bria is employed as a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.




St Pete Running Company is hosting a Triathlon Training Program. The program will be for five weeks starting Saturday, March 25th at 9:00am.

If you are looking to improve your times or just getting started.  This course may be for you.  Let our team of experts guide you through a friendly and non intimidating program which we can guarantee will be informative and fun.


Participants need to be healthy enough to perform physical activity of easy, medium and moderate vigorous levels. You must be able to swim and have basic cycling skills.  You'll need a road bicycle & helmet. Also a good set of running shoes and swim goggles are compulsory. (We can fit you for both of those.)

About the course:

We will teach all things triathlon, including swim skills, cycling, run training and additional skills such as transitioning between events. 

Our goal is to help you have fun as you ease into a great level of fitness. We will have three group training sessions a week and you will be given a weekly training plan.

The group training sessions will look like this:

  • Tuesday evening: Open Water Swim w/ drills to improve form & confidence in water.
  • Wednesday 5:30am or 6:15pm: Speedwork at Walter Fuller Dog Park. 
  • Saturday Morning: Brick workout (alternating biking & running intervals w/ transition tips)

All of our instructors are triathletes and great at communicating. They want to see you do your best and help you to achieve your goals. 

Instructors include: Jimmy, Cody and a few guest clinicians. 


What you can expect to learn:

By the end of the course you can expect to be a competent triathlete who possesses basic and intermediate skills in the exciting and booming sport of triathlon.

Our goal race is the upcoming St Anthony's Triathlon, however, attendees are NOT required to sign up for this race. This Triathlon Training Program is the perfect place to get ready for your first or fiftieth Triathlon.



There are 2 options:
$199 which includes the one day Training & Skills Camp with Chris Legh on April 2, to find out more information about this awesome one day camp. Check out the FB event, https://www.facebook.com/events/1739076026422884/

$149 excluding the one-day triathlon camp

Cost for both options includes a 5-week program - with three group training sessions a week.  Athletes will receive 10% off in store during the 5-week program, and many free goodies from our partners/sponsors.

How to Sign Up:

LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE! Sign up early in store or by phone (727-800-5043) to make sure you get your spot reserved.

Have more questions?  Plan on attending our information session on Monday, March 13th at 6:00pm.


Please feel free to contact the store 727.800.5043 or email Jimmy with more questions.





Triathlon Training Camp 4/2/17


Positioned exactly 4 weeks before St. Anthony's Triathlon, this is a perfect opportunity for you to hone your triathlon skills with world class triathlon instructors.  This 1-day training camp on April 2nd is lead by former world Class triathlete Chris Legh (Australia) and St. Pete Running Company's Triathlon Coach Jimmy Williams, B SC Ex Science. This camp will make you a much better triathlete!

The camp is designed to build race specific fitness, knowledge and confidence prior to spring and summer racing.

 To ensure that attendees receive first-class instruction, the course will be limited to 30 participants.  The cost of the camp is $99 per person

You get:

  • Instruction from a Professional Triathlete and Multisport Coach across all disciplines of triathlon.
  • Psychology of training and racing techniques from a World Class Triathlete.
  • Swim specific modules which cover both training techniques and race simulation.
  • Learn how to do more with less on your bike split. Includes pro tips on how to have a better bike split while saving your legs for the run.
  • Running form seminar and then workout designed to facilitate a more efficient stride pattern. You can learn to run faster while using less energy.
  • Full understanding of triathlon hydration. Reduce your cramping probability.
  • Support to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • Nutritious food to eat.
  • Q&A, tips and dialogue with Chris Legh, who has amassed over 100 Professional wins.
  • World Class scenery and view on both Treasure Island and Fort Desoto.


The Swim and Breakfast will take place at Caddy's On The Beach, one of St. Pete's Iconic venues.

Moreover, attendees will receive $100 in products and vouchers from our Partners/Sponsors, making the investment nominal and worthwhile. The partners include: Gatorade Endurance Formula, Trigger Point Therapy, Verge, Balega, Newton Running.

 All The Details:

 When : April 2nd, 2017.

Where: Morning Session will be at Caddy's on the Beach, 900 West Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island. Afternoon Session will be Baseball Fields at Pinellas Bayway South, just past Sands Point Drive on the Right.

Who: Camp is designed to accommodate Novice, Beginner, intermediate and advanced triathletes. Students should be able to swim.

What to bring: Goggles, Sunscreen, Water Bottles, Shoes for cycling, Road Bicycle & Helmet. Also bring running shoes and socks. You can wear triathlon clothing or clothing specific for each event.  Wetsuits optional. Bring phone/camera for pictures.

Why: We are doing this so we can empower you to get better at the skills of triathlon.

The Bike Training will take participants through Beautiful Ft. Desoto Park.


Provisional Itenerary

7:30-8:00  - Check in and meet & greet. Caddy's On The Beach, 9000 West Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, FL.

8:00 - 9:00 - Open Water Swim module in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Instruction will be easy to digest and there will be plenty of rest/breaks while standing on the sand bar. Will emphasize open-water techniques, race specific scenarios, and entry/exit of swim portion.

9:00 - 10:00 - Nutritious Brunch, Q&A and lecture with Chris Legh and Coach Jimmy Williams.

11:00 - 12:30. – Cycling Training,  Baseball Fields at Pinellas Bayway South, just past Sands Point Drive on the Right. (Will cycle around Ft. Desoto.)

12:30-1:00 - Hydration and Running Technique

1:00 - 1:45 - Chris Legh's Famous 200m Workout.

2:00 - Photos, Final Words, Social Media and Departure


 About the Clinicians

Chris Legh - Winner of over 100 Multisport events as a professional Triathlete. Spokesperson For Gatorade. Recently ran 2:34 at New York Marathon.


Jimmy Williams - Former member of Florida State University Triathlon Team. Head Running & Triathlon Coach, Health & Fitness Advocate. Bachelors of Science in Ex Science. 3rd Amateur Overall, Powerman USA Duathlon.