At St. Pete Running Company we host a variety of events - from themed fun runs, to informational clinics, to running classes. Most events are FREE! Our events are open to Runners and Walkers of all abilities and we encourage you to come out and join us for an upcoming event. You can get up to date information on our events by following our Facebook Events Page or subscribing to our Email Newsletter.

One of our themed runs: Taco Run

Group Run every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM

March Events



Kick Off for Triathlon Clinic ~ Saturday, March 25th at 9:00 AM

Five-Week Course Saturday, March 25th - Friday, April 30th


Athletes will receive 10% off in store during the 5 week program and many free goodies from our partners/sponsors.

Cost 2 options:
-$199 which includes the one day Training & Skills Camp with Chris Legh on April 2
-$149 excluding the one day triathlon camp

You'll need a road bicycle & helmet. Also a good set of running shoes and swim goggles are compulsory. (We can fit you for both of those.)

All levels welcome. We will meet 3 times a week. Tentatively the schedule will look like this:

Tuesday evening: Open Water Swim w/ drills to improve form & confidence in water.
Wednesday night: Speedwork at Walter Fuller Dog Park. 
Saturday Morning: Brick workout (alternating biking & running intervals w/ transition tips




Little Stompers Kids Running Class ~ Saturday, April 1st at 1:00 PM


This will be a fun, action-packed class that will teach your little ones an appreciation and life-long love of running. Good for ages 3-12, our fun course will teach your little stomper necessary skills for running such as cadence, stride length and pacing using our FAST system. Frequency, Alignment, Stability & Timing are the keys to their success. Let the experts at St. Pete Running Company and Professional Triathlete Chris Legh get your kids' running stride dialed in.

Parents are invited to join in at no charge, especially if you want to embarrass them and be THAT Mom or Dad.

While we fully understand that giving your kid a participation trophy can fully ruin their future, we will instead give them an organic snack bar to eat at the end of the class AND a $10 Gift Card to give to their parents for being so awesome and caring about their well-being.

This class will be outside so please have them wear sunscreen and comfortable clothing. Bring a water bottle.

The cost of this class is $10 per child, and $20 for your family.

Note: this is on April Fools Day but this isn't a joke. We have taught over 1000 runners how to run properly using our StrideSmart Running Technique.




One-Day Triathlon Camp with Chris Legh ~ Sunday, April 2nd at 7:30 AM


Positioned exactly 4 weeks before St. Anthony's Triathlon, this is a perfect opportunity for you to hone your triathlon skills with world class triathlon instructors. This 1-day training camp is lead by former world Class triathlete Chris Legh (Australia) and St. Pete Running Company's Triathlon Coach Jimmy Williams, BEXSc. This camp will make you a much better triathlete!

You Get:
Instruction from a Professional Triathlete and Multisport Coach across all disciplines of triathlon.
Psychology of training and racing techniques from a World Class Triathlete.
Swim specific modules which cover both training techniques and race simulation.
Learn how to do more with less on your bike split. Includes pro tips on how to have a better bike split while saving your legs for the run.
Running form seminar and then workout designed to facilitate a more efficient stride pattern. You can learn to run faster while using less energy.
Full understanding of triathlon hydration. Reduce your cramping probability.
Support to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Nutritious food to eat.
Q&A, tips and dialogue with Chris Legh, who has amassed over 100 Professional wins.
World Class scenery and view on both Treasure Island and Fort Desoto.

Moreover, attendees will receive $100 in products and vouchers from our Partners/Sponsors, making the investment nominal and worthwhile. The partners include: Gatorade Endurance Formula, Trigger Point Therapy, Verge, Balega, Newton Running.

To ensure that attendees receive first-class instruction, the course will be limited to 30 participants. The cost of the camp is $99 per person