At St. Pete Running Company we host a variety of events - from themed fun runs, to informational clinics, to running classes. Most events are FREE! Our events are open to Runners and Walkers of all abilities and we encourage you to come out and join us for an upcoming event. You can get up to date information on our events by following our Facebook Events Page or subscribing to our Email Newsletter.

One of our themed runs: Taco Run

Group Run every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM


March Events



Triathlon Clinic ~ Five-Week Course Saturday, March 25th - Friday, April 30th


Athletes will receive 10% off in store during the 5 week program and many free goodies from our partners/sponsors.

Cost 2 options:
-$199 which includes the one day Training & Skills Camp with Chris Legh on April 2
-$149 excluding the one day triathlon camp

You'll need a road bicycle & helmet. Also a good set of running shoes and swim goggles are compulsory. (We can fit you for both of those.)

All levels welcome. We will meet 3 times a week. Tentatively the schedule will look like this:

Tuesday evening: Open Water Swim w/ drills to improve form & confidence in water.
Wednesday night: Speedwork at Walter Fuller Dog Park. 
Saturday Morning: Brick workout (alternating biking & running intervals w/ transition tips



Earth Day Run & Trail Clean-Up ~ Saturday, April 22nd at 9:00 AM


Let's celebrate our world and lend a helping hand! Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd and St. Pete Running Company is hosting a Free Group Run. Afterward join us in cleaning up the Pinellas Trail. For those who don't want to run, meet at the store at 9:30 AM where we'll start passing out garbage bags. We'd love to have your whole family come out and help make the trail beautiful with us.




StrideSmart Running Class ~ Sunday, April 23rd at 8:00 AM


It's back! Our very popular Stridesmart Running Class is coming up April 23rd. Come out and we'll teach you ways to make running easier while reducing the ratio of loading on your limbs and joints.

The length of the class is about one hour and participants will leave the class with an understanding of the following things.
-Habits of good runners
-What good running form looks like
-Knowledge of how to change your running stride
-Skill and tools for success

There won't be a lot of running involved but we will be outside for an hour. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

The cost of the class is $10. Participants receive a $10 gift certificate to St Pete Running Company.

If you have every thought am I running correct? Or can I improve my running form? This is the class for you.




Brooks Scavenger Hunt ~ Monday, April 24th at 6:30 PM


If you've ever joined us for our Scavenger Hunts, you know they are a blast! The whole family is welcome to join our Brooks Scavenger Hunt where everyone is sure to have a great time. Out on the walk/run, you'll have different stations with sometimes easy and sometimes hard tasks, but they're always fun. Everyone will be a part of a team that goes out and completes the stations together. There will be prizes and some snacks/drinks, too! Bring your friends and family.





Partner Stretching & Mashing Class ~ Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30 PM

Grab a friend or family member and learn partner stretching! This Ki-Hara partner stretching class is an excellent opportunity for friends to help each other with running performance and recovery. For an added bonus, you'll learn "mashing" of the muscles to make them supple and relaxed--great after a long run or a hard day at work.





Running Moms ~ Thursday, April 27th at 9:30 AM


Every mom is a busy woman with very little extra time on her hands. That’s why it’s so important to make the time for exercise. Are you a mom who is constantly on the go? Are you hoping to carve out "me" time? Are you looking to run or walk with other moms? St. Pete Running Company is starting to host a weekly running group for Moms!!

Some of the benefits in participating in our mom's running group are: a social and fun environment, an accountability factor for participating, a workout that requires no prior exercise knowledge or experience, and meet other mom's.

We'll meet at the store on Thursday mornings starting April 13th at 9:30 AM. After a dynamic warmup as a group, we will head out on the Pinellas Trail for a casual 30-minute jog. Strollers welcome.

After the run we will head over to Craft Kafe on Central for coffee, breakfast and hanging out.