Our StrideSmart Fitting Process

Your running stride is about more than just what happens from the ankles down. At St. Pete Running Company, we use our StrideSmart analysis to give you a comprehensive, unique fitting experience that addresses your entire stride, from head to toe. We back it all up with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We’ve found a happy shoe pairing for more than 25,000 pairs of feet over the years, and take pride in being the only store in the world with the StrideSmart approach.

What we do:

We start with a quick interview and profile assessment where we document your goals, current footwear, running background and physical/structural limitations. We perform a series of measurements (for pronation, femoral angle and other gait impacting issues) as well as functional analyses. Through this, we can find muscle imbalances and soft tissue mobility restrictions. We assess your stride through different angles and also analyze your body position in different parts of the gait cycle.

Then we boil all this information down into layman’s terms and show you how to make improvements in your running form. At St. Pete Running Company, we believe in being a runner support system and in arming our customers with the right information to make every run more enjoyable. We love to run—and want our customers to love it, too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our fitting process:

Q: What do you charge for the StrideSmart fitting analysis?  

A:  There is no fee for our fitting.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Most fittings take 15-20 minutes.

Q: I’m a new runner/slow runner—should I still get a fitting?  

A: Absolutely. Starting with the right pair of shoes is essential for heading off injury and making runs more enjoyable. Our store is designed to fit the needs of all runners, but especially beginners. Also, the StrideSmart process is equally accurate and effective for walkers as well.

Q: What if the shoes don’t fit?  

A: If you go through the StrideSmart Process, it is very likely that your shoes will fit and feel awesome when you’re exercising. However if you have an issue and you’re not sure, give us a call and schedule a time to bring them back in so we can re-evaluate and isolate the problem. Our customers are our family, and we want them to be happy with every purchase.

Q: Should I always keep the same shoes? How long will my shoes last?

A: Both shoe designs and our bodies change every year. Runners should replace shoes after 400-600 miles of wear, but everyone should re-evaluate their shoes annually. Some things that impact your shoe needs include:

  • a fluctuation in body weight

  • a change in running mechanics (switching to a different style of running or terrain)

  • a change in everyday activity levels (more/less time spent sitting or standing)

  • new goals and plans for running