St Pete Running Company is dedicated to runners young and old, experienced or new to running. We are pleased to announce training programs that meet the needs of all levels of experience. We will be offering Track and Speedwork Programs, Half Marathon Training, Triathlon and Duathlon Training, and one on one coaching (see Coaching tab).


Bridge Training Program

Five-Week Bridge Run Training

Now Through Feb. 24th

Are you looking to improve your overall fitness? Bridge and hill training is for you! If you're signed up for the Skyway 10K, this training group is for you! (Please note we are not affiliated with the race). You don't have to be signed up for a race to join this group. All are welcome to come out and train with this fun and inclusive group!

Our expert staff will lead you through these training sessions where we'll help you not only improve your running technique, but you'll improve overall strength and efficiency on hills and bridges.

Drop in rate: $15 per workout session (can pay on location or at the store)

Run St. Pete Members can use a track pass for a training session

For those who have registered for the whole program, you will receive 10% Discount in store purchases until March 5. You'll get a 10% Discount in our store for the duration of the program, our on-site Athletic Trainers will provide you with a free one-on-one injury prevention screening, and you'll receive free products from Gatorade Endurance.

The weekly sessions end on February 24th, the week before the Skyway 10k.


Feb. 3rd: Clearwater Memorial Bridge (100 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL 33755)

Feb. 10th: Pinellas Bayway

Feb. 17th: Belleair Causeway (2928 W Bay Dr, Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770)

Feb. 24: Miesner Bridge near Maximo Park (Pinellas Point Dr S & Sunshine Skyway Ln S, St. Pete, FL 33711)

Each workout is different and will focus on a specific skill for hill running guaranteed to improve your fitness and do so without causing injury to your body.

If you have questions please call the store at 727-800-5043 or email Cody



Spring Track Program


St. Pete Running Company is proud to present our 7-Week Spring Track Program. Starting on Feb 6th, we'll meet on Wednesdays at 5:30 AM or 6:30 PM every week. The program will end on March 20th; train through Gasparilla and be in peak condition for the Race for the Cupcake.

You don't have to be fast to join us for speedwork. All levels of runners and joggers are welcome to come out for weekly workouts. This is a comprehensive track training program designed to improve your threshold so you can run a stronger 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon this spring. 


Speedwork Program on Wednesdays:

We will offer two sessions on Wednesdays:
- Mornings at 5:30 AM. Meet at Northside Christian School (Address: 7777 62nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709).
-Evenings 6:30 PM. Meet at Northside Christian School (Address: 7777 62nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709).



About the Program:

This program has been developed to help increase your endurance and to avoid injury. We have assembled an expert coaching team to take your running to another level. Through a combination of running intervals and core/mobility strengthening, attendees should expect to become more efficient at running, particularly over longer distances of 5K, 10K, and half marathon. Bring a water bottle, a towel, running clothes and running shoes!



7 Weeks for $69.99. Drop-in rate is $15. If you have purchased a Track Pass in the past, you can still use the pass to attend however many sessions remain on your Track Pass. You can purchase these at the store, on the website, or at the track.


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Join Run St. Pete:

Be sure to join our running club, Run St. Pete. To join you simply need to request to follow the private Facebook Group Run St. Pete and agree to their bylaws.



More Info About Speedwork

What: Weekly Speedwork lead by expert running coaches.

What to bring: Running shoes and running clothing. We prefer if you change before you get there but if you’re coming from work you can change in the bathrooms. Also bring water/sports drink, a beach towel, and a snack to eat on the way home after training.

What to expect:  We will do a light jog to warm up for 10-15 minutes, followed by some dynamic stretching and easy drills. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you all of this stuff. The coaches will break you into pace groups and you’ll run the workout. Your coach will tell you what paces or “splits” you’ll want to do when they explain the workout for the night. Certain groups will be running intervals on the track while other groups will be doing core, mobility or strength exercises on the grass or outside lanes of the track.



I’ve never done track or speedwork before. Am I going to get left behind?

A: No, we will be very instructional and make sure you’re not missing anything.

I’m not very fast. Is speedwork just for sprinters and elite athletes?

A: No, you will benefit from this also. You don’t have to be fast. One common misconception is that all speedwork is sprinting. Realistically one session will entail some easy jogging, walking, medium effort running and also a small amount of hard running. You’ll probably never have to run at a maximal 100% effort.

Is this going to hurt?

A: Sometimes you’ll be running hard enough to where you couldn’t comfortably carry on a conversation. If performed correctly you should be slightly sore after training. This is a good kind of sore and your body will bounce back stronger. You probably won’t be limping around for 3 days after training, that’s not our style.

Can I bring my kids?

A: Yes, we would like for kids to be able to participate as long as they are serious and can reasonably keep up. If they are there to watch only, feel free to bring books, blanket etc.

How do I sign up?

A: You’ll want to come to St. Pete Running Company, 6986 22nd Ave North, St. Petersburg and sign up there. You’ll need to fill out a liability waiver stating that you are in good enough physical condition to be training. If you can’t make it to the store to enroll, simply bring cash or your card to Walter Fuller park on Wednesday. Try to get there by 6:10. Also, you’ll want to join our free club Run St. Pete in order to stay in touch with training opportunities and all the details. Or you can sign up over the phone by calling us at 727-800-5043. However, you will still need to sign a waiver in store or at the track.

What if I miss a day?

A: If you miss a session, that's okay. We know not everyone can make every week due to conflicts like vacation. Track Passes don't have to be used consecutively. These sessions will roll over into future training programs. Due to the progressive nature of interval training, the best results are usually achieved with consistent training. The more consistent your training is, the more consistent your results will be. But missing a week here and there will not be too much of a hindrance.


A: We still run in the rain and it usually feels great! If there is lightning within proximity we reserve the right to cancel it. Please check the Facebook Group Run St. Pete to be kept up to date with training and how it regards to weather conditions.

If you have more questions please call the store 727-800-5043 or contact Coach Jeremy