About Us

Our hand-picked, talented team takes a total-body, total-life approach to customer interactions—it’s not about one pair of shoes; it’s about finding the best solutions for your running life. We want our customers to enjoy years of running, and we have built not just a running store, but a running community within our corner of the world. Visit our store, take a seat in our Electrolyte Lounge, or just come to one of our running events, and find a warm, welcoming community designed for every runner.

We are proud to serve the St. Petersburg area and look forward to meeting you!



Owners Cody & Janna Angell

Cody and Janna have a lifelong passion for running that has taken them all over the world. From North Carolina to Perth, Australia to St. Petersburg, they bring expertise and experience to the St. Pete community.



Coach Jimmy Williams

Coach Jimmy has been a local runner since racing track & field for Dunedin High School competing in the 800 and mile. He then went on to study at Florida State University and earned his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. Jimmy was also exposed to the sport of Triathlon at FSU and competed at the collegiate level all 4 years. He has since raced in over 25 triathlons of the sprint and Olympic distances. He will be coaching his established athletes while he is in Physical Therapy School.



Head Coach Jeremy Richardson


We're excited to announce the new head coach for Run St. Pete, our training program. Coach Jeremy is a runner, a triathlete, and a physical therapist. His passion in life is helping people. He utilizes the latest techniques in training and rehabilitation to keep athletes healthy by progressively pushing them to new levels of fitness. He's been a triathlete since he was 16, and his top sporting moment was winning the Gasparilla 8K where Meb Keflezighi gave him an award.



Customer Service Manager Jonny Cheng

Jonny is a graduate of Eckerd College where he played tennis, but his passion for running has led him to complete two half Ironmans. He's raced every distance from 5K up to Half Marathon, plus many triathlons. He brings his can-do positive attitude to SPRC.



Customer Service Manager Danielle Stanley

Danielle has her PTA degree and spends her free time fitting people for shoes and sharing her expertise with customers at St. Pete Running Company. She has completed three full Ironman and three half Ironman races. She has raced numerous triathlons, such as St. Anthony's here in St. Pete.



Customer Service Manager Eric Oliva

Eric is our resident shoe nerd. He HAS to enjoy what he's doing for work (and isn't a fan of 9-5) so he's a Firefighter/EMT and spends days off fitting people for shoes at SPRC and coaching XC/Track at Seminole High School. He takes a lot of pride in being knowledgeable and mastering his craft in whatever it may be. He's married to his rockstar wife, Jessica, and they had their first child, Ryder, in April 2017.



Customer Service Manager Tiffany Stevens

Tiffany is a triathlete and has found the best job is being a mom to her 2 beautiful boys. But every mom needs a break to be an adult, and she loves to share her passion for running at SPRC and enjoys helping others to be their best self.



Customer Service Manager Olen Dalton

Olen is extremely active in the Ultra Marathon running community and has competed in races such as the 6 Hour Marathon where he logged over 35 miles in hot and humid conditions. He's enthusiastic about helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals.



Blogger and Customer Service Manager Bria Burton

Bria's passion for distance running has been documented on her personal blog for years, and now she's the writer behind the St. Pete Running Company blog. In high school track and field, she was a sprinter and a pole vaulter. In college, she started distance running and has now completed four marathons, over a dozen halfs, and many 15Ks, 10Ks, and 5Ks. She's also an award-winning author. In December 2017, she and her husband welcomed a son.



Customer Service Manager Enrique Torres


Enrique is a triathlete and runner who has competed in a Half Ironman. He's also a new dad to a baby girl. He grew up on television and fast food, but at age 30 started investing in his health through obstacle course races, which led him to become a runner and a triathlete. He's constantly reading up on the latest in running and triathlons, and is excited to share his wealth of knowledge with the running community.


Customer Service Manager Jane Siebels

Jane is a passionate runner who loves to help people meet their running and healthy lifestyle goals.



Customer Service Manager Ryan Stran

Ryan holds 2 jobs, regularly trains for triathlons, and is in Physical Therapy Assistant School. In high school, he was a track and field athlete. He's completed two half Ironmans. Now he enjoys helping other people get running and tri gear at SPRC.



Customer Service Manager Samantha Bachman

Sam is an Athletic Trainer, runner and triathlete. She once stopped in the middle of a triathlon to fix someone’s bike. Compassion makes for a great employee. This is pretty much her dream job because it never feels like work and it allows her to talk about all things running.



Customer Service Manager Jessica Silk

Jessica is an applied physiology and kinesiology student at the University of Florida specializing in exercise physiology. She’s an endurance sport enthusiast and has competed in swimming, rowing, and running. Her motto in life and running is there are no short-cuts to anywhere worth going! Her quirky nature makes her a positive employee always striving for customers to leave the store educated and smiling.



Merchandising Coordinator and Customer Service Manager Kate Parsons

 Kate is our merchandising specialist, which means she keeps the store looking good! She has a great eye for what attracts our customers to style combinations and floor displays. She also works for a clothing retailer applying her specialty and is married with two adorable boys. 



Customer Service Manager Maria Williams

Coach Maria, a local running coach, comes in on occasion to help us out. She brings her "Never Say Never" attitude to SPRC. She helps runners of all levels reach their goals (and have some fun!). A former overweight music major at Gordon College, Maria signed up for her first triathlon in 1999 at a time when she couldn’t swim, bike, or run. Since then, she has accomplished over 100 races from 5k to Ironman and wants everyone to feel as great as she does on a daily basis. With a husband and two children, she understands the demands of training and the impact it can have on family life. She not only trains runners but teaches them the art of training smart, recovering properly, and racing hard while maintaining life balance.



Expo Customer Service Manager Kassandra Wistocki

Any time St. Pete Running Company is at a race expo, you'll be greeted by Kassandra. She exclusively serves our customers at race expos with enthusiasm and always with a smile. As a recent Grad School Graduate, she spends her spare time pursuing two of her favorite passions: running and fellowship within the community. Her passion for running started back in high school and it has grown from there. She enjoys running anything from 5Ks to Half’s. She’s also a running ambassador for several local running events.