Spring Track Training Program 2020

$ 79.99

Spring Track Training 8 Weeks: Improving Lactate Threshold

Track is back for spring 2020. Our expert coaching staff have designed a progressive & comprehensive 8 week track training program focused on improving each runner's lactate threshold. In short, Lactate Threshold is the maximum effort you can sustain without "striking your matches" and producing more Lactate than your body can utilize. Expect this to be slightly different than your typical track speedwork, as sub-maximal effort is required to be around running threshold. Runners can anticipate slightly slower than typical race pace, but with much shorter rest.

End Result: Runners who attend regularly and complete the course can expect a higher lactate threshold, or a "red line" on their tachometer. This will set a solid foundation for racing later on.  Expect to be able to hold a faster overall pace for runs of 20 minutes and longer.