3 Months of Track Passes on a bulk-buy!

$ 120.00

Bulk Buy 3 months of unlimited track passes. We meet Wednesday at Northside Christian School's Track. The sessions are at 5:30 AM and 6:30 PM. These are for structured, coached track training sessions for runners of all abilities. The sessions are lead by competent, encouraging & skilled coaches. A typical class last for one hour and will include drills, core strength, dynamic warmups, a main running set, cool down & awards. This inclusive program is a great way to improve general running abilities, refine technique, speed & pacing. Track will make you a quicker runner and more apt to handle the demands of racing.

You don't have to be fast to join us for speedwork. All levels of runners and joggers are welcome to come out for weekly workouts.
More running does not mean better running. We will get you stronger, faster and better aligned with less running.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: Track passes are unlimited beginning the week of purchase and for 6 consecutive months from that point. Not refundable or redeemable. These passes will not rollover and unused will expire. This is valid for training only during rostered hours, and not valid for "open track" outside of those hours.