Our Customer Family

Our customer family energizes us and makes every day at St. Pete Running Company a joy. We love working with people to improve their health and their lives. It’s our pleasure to assist in setting goals, whether it be walking a mile or completing a half or competing in an Ironman. We offer support to help people achieve whatever their long or short-term goals. Meet a few of our customers here! They all have things to share about running and their experience at SPRC.

Sydney Polhemus

“Running is free therapy. If I didn’t run, I would be crazy.”

Dan Dollar

“Chris and Cody are friendly and polite and not pushy like every other running store. I love the Group Runs. I’ve been coming for six months and I’ll keep coming back. I refer all my friends here.”

Norma Jean Hetrick

“I quit smoking three years ago and started taking care of myself.”

Abrom Douglas

“I love running for how it allows you to stay in shape not only physically but mentally. SPRC is a great place to get started or continue your journey.”

Vicky Hopper

“The store is a great way to get my butt off the couch. It’s safe. As a walker, the safety thing is very important.”

“The store has given me a safe place to run. It doesn’t matter if you’re slow.”

Pam Lempicki

“Running literally saved my life. If I didn’t have this, I don’t know what I’d be doing.”

Alex Allred

“Running is relaxing. It gives me something to focus on and look forward to. Running is straight forward. It’s simple, not complicated. For me, it lends balance. Everything else is busy.”

Trish Boccuti

“Running is my favorite part of the day.”

Bill and Denise Kendrick

“Running has gotten us off the couch. We can talk more, laugh more, have more ‘us’ time. Chris and Cody know all about the products. They know everything.”

Jessica Silk

“Coming off of an injury, SPRC is helping me rediscover the joy of running. Running with other people at the Group Runs helps, too.”

Dianne Drick

“I was here at SPRC before they even finished laying the carpet, and they sold me the shoes I’m wearing right now.”

Sydney Shriver

“Running has helped make me more fit. I like the SPRC atmosphere. It’s fun to join in on the Group Runs.”

Tina Walker

“This store has transformed my life. I was injured in the past. Cody taught me how to run. The duathlon camp built confidence for me on the bike. The sense of community at the store is incredible.”

Chris and Lisa Clark

“We recommend the store to everyone. It’s an awesome environment.”

Chris: “This is a new adventure for me. I’m just getting into it. It’s great to be trained properly because I probably wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.” Lisa: “It’s my relaxation. I let my mind go and my body takes over.”

Leanne Jenkins

“Running is a big stress reliever for me. I listen to my music and just go.”

Dave Counsman

“I’d gotten out of the habit of running. I’ve had knee surgery. SPRC has gotten me back into a good habit. Running is 100% for mental reasons. There’s something about the way you feel before versus after. There’s this incredible uplifting moment after a run. Everything is right in the world.”

Kristin Haluch

“I live in Jacksonville, and every time I come to the Tampa Bay area, I come to the SPRC Group Runs.”