We proudly announce our COACHING AND TRAINING PROGRAMS for runners, swimmers and triathletes!

We offer several training options, targeted to where YOU want to take your fitness. Our expert coach will design a program that challenges, motivates, and supports you on your journey to personal awesomeness!
The available options are:

  • Personal Running Coaching
  • 1 on 1 Running Coach
  • Individual Swim Coaching
  • Multisport Coaching


OPTION 1: Personal Run Coaching

You can take your running in two different directions within this option.

Fundamental Training

Looking to stay in shape during the offseason, build mileage months before a big race or continue training after a grueling season of races? Then this is the training option for you! The key to fundamental training is to focus on recovery, build base miles, and running-based strength months leading up to a race to make sure your body is primed for those tougher, more specific workouts and ensure that you're going to be ready and PR for that next race!

Rate: $75 per month and 20% off in store purchases

Race Specific Training

Geared towards race season, where one or more race(s) populate your calendar in a short time frame, this training focuses on race paced workouts and recovery runs structured to get you primed for the finish. Speedwork, tempo runs, pre-race tapering and specific techniques. This plan is designed to make sure your body is in the best shape possible on race morning and give you the best chance to achieve that personal best.

Rate: $100 per month, 20% off in store purchases


OPTION 2: One to One Run Coaching

A coach at your side during your run will give you direct feedback on form, technique, and pacing. You will also learn numerous warm-up and cool-down drills and routines to incorporate into your daily training.

Rate: $30 half hour/$60 hour


OPTION 3: Individual Swim Coaching

From the first-time swimmer to those who just want to cut a few seconds off your swim times, our coaches can help you become a better, stronger swimmer. Stroke production, breathing skills, start and finish tactics, and drills will make your swim your strongest event.

Rate: $30 half hour/$60 hour


Option 4: Multisport Coaching

Whether you're the runner who is looking to try something new or an experienced duathlete/triathlete, this option is for you. Geared for race season, this training focuses on swim, bike and/or run workouts specifically for your distance and often two sports combined into a "brick" workout. This plan identifies your strengths and weaknesses in each sport, then works to improve those weaknesses while keeping the strengths just as strong.

Rate: $120 per month, 20% off in store purchases 


 What Do Clients Have to Say?

"I started training with an online coach who was actually an accountant turned running coach, but she knew nothing about me and was unable to watch me run. I knew I needed a change so that’s when I decided to try Jimmy out. Jimmy kicks my butt when I need it but is understanding when I need him to be. Jimmy is knowledgeable, motivating and approachable. He never makes me feel inferior or dumb for any of the questions that I ask. Most importantly, Jimmy knows not only how to develop an athlete but also how to speak to an athlete because he is an athlete. Jimmy is an excellent coach and any athlete would be lucky to have him."


"Being coached by Jimmy is like having an insurance policy for my racing performance and improvements. He is thorough in his plans and makes a conscious effort to know specific details about my races and goals. Jimmy is patient and committed to proving I can accomplish my objectives."

"Jimmy is very knowledgeable of the sport, a reliable/responsible coach, totally approachable and easy to communicate with, and always listens to my concerns and needs. The training program he designs is tailored to my specific abilities and goals. With Jimmy as my coach, I have set running Personal Records in various distances, won my age group in a triathlon, and progressed as an athlete. I couldn't do it without Coach Jimmy!"



If you are interested in coaching please contact the store (727-800-5043) or email Jimmy.

Coach Jimmy