Brands We Carry at SPRC

At St. Pete Running Company, we pride ourselves in carrying the top brands for runners in the country. If we carry the brand, it's because we believe in it, we wear it, and we've seen the positive impact translated to everyday runners and athletes, not just for the elites. We want to bring you the tools that will equal success for your health and wellness goals.

Running Shoe Brands We Carry


Brooks prides themselves in maximizing the use of the latest technologies and the amount of research that goes into developing each of their shoes. Known for their proprietary DNA-midsole material, Brooks has designed shoes providing the ideal amount of cushioning and responsiveness for each individual, unique stride. This adaptive, "made-for-me," cushioning found in their shoes, along with the contoured footbed is why runners appreciate the feeling of a Brooks shoe. As a bonus, all of their shoes are vegan and environmentally friendly, not using any animal materials in their construction.


Hoka One One, pronounced HOE-KUH OWN-EH-OWN-EH, is one of the fastest growing brands in running specialty stores. Born in 2009 atop the mountains of France, and then headquartered and designed in California, Hoka shoes are known for their high cushion and low weight. Hoka shoes encourage a natural gait using their META-ROCKER geometry paired with low heel-toe-drops. Hoka has designed the solution for runners and walkers alike looking to benefit from their "marshmallow," maximal-cushioning platforms. Hoka shoes are inherently stable and have allowed people to log more miles and move pain free.



Asics is a Japanese company that is also one of the most recognized brands around the world. The name ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which translates as "a healthy mind in a healthy body." Concentrating on a very soft step-in feel when first slipping on their shoes, they continue to adapt to the needs of today's runners by improving long-time trusted favorites like the GEL-Nimbus and GEL-Kayano. Recognized by their unique GEL cushioning system, Asics offers a wide variety of very soft, supportive daily trainers and race shoes.


Saucony, pronounced SOCK-UH-KNEE, has a long and storied running history. The company started in Pennsylvania in 1898. Long-time runners will remember their personal bests in shoes like the Saucony Jazz and DXN, but appreciate the new materials and technologies such as EVERUN and ISO-Fit offered across their range of products. Saucony runners enjoy a moderate, 8mm, heel-toe-drop in their daily trainers and lots of competitive options that make the shoes feel like they disappear on their feet for race day on the road, cross-country, or the track.


Diadora is an Italian brand which has re-launched in the United States. This is a new brand to our store, and we spent a lot of time testing out the shoes until we were certain they were worthy of our shelves and your feet. The "squishy" and soft feel of their shoes will keep your feet comfy mile after mile, day after day. They use a very unique cushioning system called Blushield which provides cushioning in the right areas at the right time.


Altra's mission: improving your run, demolishing your limits, and making your feet happy. This Utah-based company was started by two young men who have been running together since high school. The unique style of Altra Running Shoes is based around the actual shape of the human foot. That means your feet will have the ability to naturally flex and expand during your run without the shoe inhibiting the motion. Every Altra Running Shoe has ZeroDrop technology, placing your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground. This encourages proper, low-impact form throughout your run. Note that for runners new to Altra, we recommend easing into the shoe by building up slowly to longer runs.

Newton is a Colorado-based company who pioneered the idea of energy return in your running shoes. Based on Isaac Newton's third law, they developed a patented action/reaction technology using trampoline-like lugs situated under the forefoot of their shoes. This technology, paired with the flexible construction, low heel-toe-drop, and reduced ground contact time facilitate a natural stride and quicker turnover.

On Running, using Swiss engineering, has created some of the lightest cushioned shoes on the market. On has designed specially molded, individual cloud pods, which serve as the midsole for their shoes. This adaptive CloudTec cushioning is engineered to provide the runner cushioning only when they need it at impact. In order to enable the most powerful toe-off possible without a loss in efficiency, the CloudTec cushioning will lock, providing a firm, stable, platform from which to propel yourself forward. Running on the On clouds is an efficient and unique experience that is just as at home on the track as it is for road racing or multi-sport.

Mizuno running shoes are most recognized by the unique WAVE technology that they manipulate to foster appropriate levels of cushioning and responsiveness across their range of prodcuts. Their shoes offer a really secure and sculpted fit through the heel and midfoot but also a wide toebox to allow for proper range of motion and flexibility. Mizuno has dialed in the way that their U4ic midsole foam works in concert with the contoured wave plates to provide the ideal balance of stability and cushioning. Runners appreciate the lively feeling of a Mizuno trainer and their ability to easily drop the pace while maintaining a comfortable amount of support.



Other Brands We Carry