Hoka Running Shoes

There's One For Everyone

For those who love Hoka Running Shoes, we're giving you more reasons to come in and get your latest pair. For those who've never tried Hoka Running Shoes before, check out why this brands keeps gaining in popularity.

What Hoka Can Do For You

  • MOVING YOU FORWARD - One of the main features of Hoka Running Shoes is the "shoe rocker" which propels forward motion. This unique feature comes in the Clifton and Bondi models.
  • SOFTENS YOUR GROUND CONTACT - Hoka Running Shoes are known for their maximal cushioning which offers relief for joints and provides a softer connection with the ground.
  • MEETS YOUR NEED - Looking for a lightweight shoe? The Hoka Clifton is their lightest model which also has plenty of cushion. Looking for stability? The Hoka Arahi is their stability model which assists in overpronation. Ready to go the distance? Hoka Bondi is their shoe with the most maximal cushion for your long runs. Ready to race? The Hoka CarbonX is the lightest, most responsive model with a carbon plate for quick kick-off. We recommend a StrideSmart shoe fitting at our store to check your stride and see which model will be best for you.


Women's Clifton

Women's Bondi


Women's Arahi

Women's CarbonX

Men's Clifton

Men's Bondi

Men's Arahi


Men's CarbonX



Buy Hokas at St. Pete Running Company

St. Pete Running Company has proudly carried Hoka Running Shoes for years. We love these shoes. But don't just take our word for it. Come in, let us take you through our one-of-a-kind StrideSmart Shoe Fitting process, and then you can test out the shoes to see how they feel on your feet.

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