New Kids Shoes from Altra

Yes! We Carry Kids Running Shoes

We're excited about these new kids running shoes from Altra. We've been waiting for years for a really good running shoe for youth, and we're convinced your kids are going to love these. They're called Altra Youth Kokiri and we've got a video to demonstrate how important it is for kids to have the right shoes for them.

4 Reasons to Bring Your Kids In to Try These Shoes

1. GIVE THEIR FEET ROOM TO BREATHE - Kids are growing, and it happens fast! We highly recommend a shoe that's shaped like their foot--like the Altra Youth Kokiri. It's best to avoid any shoes that are narrow or canoe-shaped. Especially don't cram a foot into a shoe that's too small.

2. LEVEL PLATFORM - We think this is important, especially for your growing kids' feet. Having a zero drop shoe with a level platform promotes an effective running stride while building the appropriate muscles in the feet and calves.

3. FLEXIBLE IS BEST - When it comes to kids running shoes, a more flexible shoe is ideal. Avoid a stiff shoe. Your kids feet are still developing, so a flexible running shoe allows for the growth and development taking place in your kids' feet.

4. REMOVABLE SOLE - So often kids outgrow their shoes before the shoe has been worn out. The Altra Youth Kokiri comes in full sizes and has a removable sole to help eliminate this problem. The shoe will last longer because the shoe has an extra sewn-in insole.


Altra's Youth Kokiri


Proud to Carry Kids Shoes

Running shoes are an important piece of equipment for athletes of all ages, young and old! We think your kids will love these Altra running shoes. But don't just take our word for it. Come in and have your kids try them on and find out just what they think.


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