4 REASONS TO GET YOUR FEET IN THE NEW MIZUNO WAVE RIDER 23 August 14, 2019 18:04 49 Comments

All-New Wave Rider 23 Now Available

Time for new running shoes? We've got a Mizuno you have to get your feet into!

When the newest model of Mizuno Wave Rider arrived in store, we fell in love! Here are the top four reasons to come into St. Pete Running Company and try out the Wave Rider 23.


Four Reasons to Get Your Feet Into Mizuno Wave Rider 23

  • SAME GREAT SOLE - So often, updates to running shoes can leave customers disappointed that what was working is no longer the same. Mizuno recognized that transitioning from one model to the next, they didn't need to fix what wasn't broken. So the same great sole from the previous model has been carried over.
  • MAGIC IN THE NEW UPPER - At the same time, Mizuno acknowledged a need to adjust some things in the shoe's upper, and they came up with a magical combo of super soft, light, and comfort that feels like an extension of your foot.
  • "LOCKED IN" - One benefit that has always been true of the Wave Rider is the "locked in" feeling you get while wearing the shoe. It's affectionately labeled the Mizuno handshake, that nice squeeze in the midsole that has made this such a popular running shoe.
  • VERSATILITY - Our staff has a variety of preferences, just like you'd expect from any group of runners. No two feet are the same, but the consensus is in. We love the new Wave Rider 23. It's a shoe that can take you long distances, but serves for the shorter runs as well. And we all agree: it feels great.

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