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Diadora Running Shoes

How Diadora Brand is Sweeping the Running World

Never heard of Diadora Running Shoes? We're so excited to introduce you to a brand that's sweeping the running world!


What to Love About Diadora

  • CUSHION AND COMFORT - One of the main features of Diadora Running Shoes is the high level of cushion and comfort. Their soft and flexible shoes offer a comfortable stride that your feet will love.
  • BLUESHIELD TECHNOLOGY - Blueshield is unique to Diadoraguaranteeing total foot grip and perfect body balance thanks to its active cones and ergonomic base. These tech features translate to overall support and glove-like fit while maintaining plenty of room in the shoe.
  • MODELS FOR EVERY NEED - Looking for a lightweight shoe? The Diadora Mythos Blueshield Fly is their lightest model which also has plenty of responsiveness. Looking for stability? The Diadora Mythos Blueshield Elite is their stability model which assists in overpronation. Ready to go the distance? Diadora Mythos Blueshield 5 is their shoe with plenty of cushion for your long runs. We recommend a StrideSmart shoe fitting at our store to check your stride and see which model will be best for you.


Women's Mythos Blueshield Fly Hip 3

Women's Mythos Blueshield Elite


Women's Mythos Blueshield 5

Men's Mythos Blueshield Fly Hip 3

Men's Mythos Blueshield Elite Hip

Men's Mythos Blueshield 5

About the Brand

Diadora Running is an Italian brand that began making mountain boots in 1948. A shift toward the world of sports began in the 1960's with constant improvements decade after decade. In 2009, the European company expanded their reach worldwide, and their running shoes have been growing in popularity in the U.S. ever since.

The word, Diadora, comes from the Greek, "dia-dora", which means "sharing gifts and honors."


We're excited for you to try it!

Buy Diadoras at St. Pete Running Company

For over a year now, St. Pete Running Company has proudly carried Diadora Running Shoes in store. We're one of the few stores in the Tampa Bay area that carries the brand, and we love these shoes. But don't just take our word for it. Come in, let us take you through our one-of-a-kind StrideSmart Shoe Fitting process, and then you can test out the shoes to see how they feel on your feet.

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