Top Six Christmas Gift Ideas from St. Pete Running Company December 5, 2015 12:30 1 Comment

How many weeks left until Christmas?!?

Yep, December 25th is right around the corner. THREE WEEKS away to be exact. If you're scrambling to find the perfect gifts for friends and family, look no further! St. Pete Running Company has you covered, even for those hard-to-shop-for friends and relatives.

Make this holiday a special one with these great gift ideas.

1. Gift Cards - How do shop for a picky person? Gift card! The great thing about a St. Pete Running Company Gift Card is that it's a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that supports a locally-owned business.

2. Sunny Runner Christmas Ornament - Another one-of-a-kind gift! The limited edition Sunny Runner Ornament features our logo and a tropical background with a palm tree decorated for Christmas. A must-have for every tree.

3. Trigger Point STK, Foam Roller, or Massage Ball - You can't go wrong with any of the Trigger Point items. They are great for active and sedentary people. Like a toothbrush for your body, the STK, foam roller, and massage ball smooths out muscles and helps with soreness.

4. St. Pete Running Company Shirts, Vests, and Jackets- Keep the one-of-a-kind theme going! Come into the store and browse through a wide variety of tops featuring our Sunny Runner logo.  Our long-sleeve tech shirt is a best-seller with several options for men and women.

5. SOCKS - Feetures, Bolega, Swiftwift, 2XU Compression Socks, and Sunny Runner Socks - For that tough to buy for friend or relative, you can't go wrong with socks. Check out the many options we have, including our one-of-a-kind Defeet Sock with the Sunny Runner Logo.

6. Garmin Forerunner 630 and FR 235 Smartwatches - Looking to really surprise someone special? The all-new FR 630 and FR 235 are now available! Come in to the shop to find out all about the latest features with these Garmin GPS Smartwatches.



Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.


Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.

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Quality Does Matter

I'm like most women. I've been buying inexpensive (aka cheap) sports bras since I first had the need for one. Yet for my regular bras, I'm willing to spend more money for better quality because I'll be wearing them more frequently.

A bra fitting specialist taught me 3 important facts that every woman should know:

  • It's Only A Matter of Time-- Breast tissue loses elasticity as women age. There are several reasons for this, but the end result is the same: sagging breasts. On the other hand, not all sports bras provide the same amount of support needed to slow or delay this process. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and a cheap sports bra may speed you toward that loss of elasticity.

  • 80% of Women Are in the Wrong Bra Size-- When Kat, the bra fitting specialist, took me through the bra fitting process, I fell into this statistic. I had been wearing a 34D for years. Thanks to Kat, I discovered that 32DD was actually my proper fit. Having the wrong bra size is another factor that leads to a premature loss of elasticity.

  • A Sports Bra Should Not Reach Its First Birthday-- Just like breast tissue, a sports bra's material will lose its elasticity over time due to the nature of the body's movement during physical activity. A cheap bra in particular can start stretching out in a matter of months. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had one sports bra that I wore for almost ten years. The problem? You guessed it. A stretched out or worn-out sports bra means a lack of support that contributes to an early loss of elasticity.

What did I take away from this? Quality matters in a sports bra. Running with insufficient support is not only uncomfortable, in my personal experience, but could also be contributing to an increased and premature loss of breast tissue elasticity.

Cody and Janna, owners of St. Pete Running Company, choose to carry Moving Comfort Sports Bras in the store because they, too, believe that quality matters. With Moving Comfort, every stitch sewn is engineered to support the unique needs and preferences of female runners everywhere. They are the #1 sports bra brand with runners. Their goal is to ensure that every woman feels free to move with confidence.


Are You In Discomfort When You Walk/Run/Jog?

As I've already overshared that my bra size is 32DD, you'll probably get the picture of what running is like for me.

Here's another fun fact:

  • Size DD Equals up to 12 Pounds of Weight For One Ligament to Support-- Now you're really feeling my pain, or you know it personally. There are no muscles in breast tissue. Only one ligament supports the breast tissue on its own.

To me that meant one equation: large breasts while running = discomfort. That's what I've always believed. Most of my life, I thought there was nothing I could do about it. The discomfort of a heavy chest was one of the costs of running.

Friends, I'm happy to be wrong. I don't have to experience that type of discomfort anymore, and neither do you.


Bria's Bra Fitting

Kat took me through the bra fitting process, and she began by asking about my physical activities. Then she asked what I look for in a sports bra. What were my preferences for fit and comfort?

I'm a runner, so that's my physical activity, but how to answer the second question delicately? Minimal movement. In plain terms, my preference is to strap them down and keep them in place so that they don't bounce. The bounce is what leads to the discomfort, which I already knew. What I didn't know is that the bounce also leads to that premature loss of elasticity.

Next she took my measurements and compared it to the Moving Comfort dialedFIT™ standard measuring wheel to find my bra size. She also asked what bra size I was currently wearing. All those things factored into the process of her selecting bras for me to try on. She explained that it's not an exact science because every single female body is different. Some bras fit on certain body types better than others, and women have different preferences when it comes to fit and comfort.

Due to my personal preference and the measurements she took, she selected two different bras from Moving Comfort's Control Group. These are the bras that do exactly what I want: strap 'em down and keep 'em in place. Kat explained that these bras work well for women who may have resorted to wearing two sports bras at a time because one just never gives enough support.

The Juno Racerback


  • Interior unicup that gives shape to the breasts (aka no uni-boob or nipple show-through)

  • Complete adjustability with front-adjustable straps and adjustable back closures for custom fit

  • Interior front yoke prevents vertical breast movement

  • Increased ventilation from DriLayer® Powermesh zones on the back

  • Encapsulation/Compression (keeps everything in place)

  • Bonded areas for anti-chafe protection

  • Hidden support panels


  • More difficult to get on the body

The Jubralee

  • Molded cups to maintain shape

  • Complete adjustability with front-adjustable straps and adjustable back closures for custom fit

  • Interior front yoke prevents vertical breast movement

  • Adjustable, soft-padded back closure for proper fit and support

  • Encapsulation/Compression

  • Bonded areas for anti-chafe protection

  • Hidden support panels


  • May need to go up a size

Which Bra Worked For Me?

Winner! Juno Racerback

I bought two of the Juno Racerbacks. The Juno and the Jubralee are very similar in terms of support. They are the best when it comes to minimal movement. My personal preference is a racerback, so that was one of the deciding factors for me. I also like the way the Juno looks in terms of shape. Yes, it's a little bit of a struggle to get into each time.

But honestly, it's totally worth it.

The Hallelujah Chorus

I tried on the 34D in both Juno and Jubralee, but something just wasn't right. There was some space between me and the band, and Kat said the band should be flush with the skin. That's when she brought in the sister size, a 32DD.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that my world changed the moment I put on the Juno that fit me properly. It was like the clouds parted and a halo of light came into the dressing room. The "aha" moment was thrilling. I'd been missing out on something, and now I'd get to experience something wonderful: a bounce-free, comfortable run!

I never knew it was possible, but as soon as I started running, the Juno fulfilled all the promises that came with it.

Note: since my bra fitting, I have had faster race times than ever before! This is not an exaggeration. I've done four half marathons since then, and each one is a little faster than the one before. The bra is definitely doing its part to contribute.

Get Fitted

Now I want every one of my female family members, girlfriends, and women everywhere to know this good news because they might be in the dark like I was. For those in the Tampa Bay area, I hope you'll come to the store and get fitted. It doesn't matter if you're an A cup or an F cup. Every woman can benefit from having a high-quality sports bra.

Moving Comfort Sports Bras

I've already talked about the Juno and the Jubralee from the Control Group, so here are a couple of the other Moving Comfort Sports Bras that we carry in store.

The Secure Group:

A bra that moves with the body and gives a nice hug



SureShot Racer


The Stabilize Group:

A bra with that perfect balance of multiple features and high degree of support

 UpLift Crossback

UpRise Crossback 



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