Why Swim With a Group?

5 Reasons to Join the Open Water Swim Course

  • Safety- Even if you've been swimming for a long time, it's best to have at least one other person with you in the open water.
  • Encouragement- Join other athletes who are learning just like you, and you'll be able to encourage each other.
  • Race Day Experience- The best way to prepare is to practice! You'll be more comfortable and efficient in open water during your triathlon if you've practiced with a group to simulate the actual race.
  • Improvement- While learning new (or improving upon) skills of swimming in a pack, sighting, and breathing, you'll swim faster without any extra effort.
  • Confidence- Nerves at a race are normal, but with practice and increased confidence, you can prevent any unnecessary panic or stress.

About the Course

Open Water Swims on Tuesday and Saturday!

Join us for this informative and fun swim course. It would be the perfect course for beginners, those who are weak in the water, someone who is looking to improve technique, or if you are just looking to become comfortable in the water. Some things we will work on during this course will be sighting, entering and exiting the water, drills specific to open water swimming and how to swim in a group.

Cost: This will be a 5 session course.  Cost is $49.99 for all 5 sessions or just join us for a drop in session of $15.00.

Session dates:
Tuesdays  - June 13th, 20th, 27th 6:30pm at Maderia Beach
Saturdays - June 17th and July 1st 9:00am at Caddy's on the Beach

If you have more questions please contact Jimmy.  




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