We Are Looking To Hire More Team Members January 11, 2017 17:09 3 Comments

For Immediate Release:
St. Pete Running Company looking to hire new team members.


Searching for 2-3 new employees to help a growing running retail business.


About St. Pete Running Company

  • Locally-owned independent business
  • Successful running store specializing in footwear
  • Very large community presence
  • Small- 2000-square foot storefront with 7 employees
  • Approximately 120 running events per year


Things you'll do: (Working 15-40 hours per week)

Retail - ensure great customer experience inside and outside of our store.

Skillfully fit runners for footwear using our unique and comprehensive shoe fitting process called StrideSmart - (We will teach you).

Develop comprehension of all products and services we range. Learn how to feature/benefit these products to our customer base.

Learn our inventory system and be able to perform simple tasks within that system.

Work 3 weekends per month. We can be very flexible with your weekly schedule.


Events: help plan & coordinate group runs (beer runs, food truck runs, stretching clinics, community events in general).


Running club management - coordination and overseeing club activities such as socials, training camps, destination races, etc.


Community outreach - setting up activation stations at races, gyms, community events.

Coaching - Helping our coaching staff at certain events and training sessions when need be.


Ideal candidate:

  • Flexible schedule and willing to work hard.
  • Full of idealism, possess potential to be a talented retailer.
  • Must love running.
  • Should see value in inspiring people to be active and healthy.
  • Be educated and able to use computers/technology.
  • Be endearing, friendly and above all positive. Should be able to work and thrive within a small business setting.
  • Should be able to demonstrate initiative.

 Retail experience is not a requirement. We will teach you the skills you need to know.

 Bonuses:  (Would be good to have these skills but not completely necessary)

  •  Skills in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or similar platform.
  • Quickbooks.
  • Background in running. Being a fast runner isn't important but candidate should have thorough understanding of it.
  • Degree in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, physical therapy, sports management etc would be ideal but not required.
  • Comprehension of triathlon


Typical day at work:

AM: lead a group run: e.g.- women with strollers followed by brunch at a cafe. Work in running store - merchandise and sell product. Receive shipments of new products and enter into our computer. 

Lunchtime: a break for yourself. Go run or hang on at a nearby beach.

Afternoon: Outreach & Planning. - Attend event at a nearby gym or visit local medical professionals to educate them about our business.

Office work - Write e-mail to our customer subscribers, design & order in-store signage, perform simple inventory counts, reconcile Quickbooks with our Point of Sale, mail out post cards etc.


PM: Come to evening Group Run and be a run leader. Hold a short 5 minute welcome seminar for all the first time runners. Join in the group run either on foot, bike or ElliptiGO and cheer on runners throughout the duration of the group run.

Close the store.



Pay - commensurate with experience and skill set. Realistically you're not going to be filthy rich working in a retail environment but you will love it.

Enjoyment - You'll enjoy work so much that it won't feel like work. A 6-7 hour shift will feel like 45 minutes.

Connections - You'll meet wonderful people who are thirsty for encouragement and knowledge of all things running. They make our job fun.

Satisfaction - Our team makes our town a healthier and more active community. You will be directly contributing to a better quality of life.


Importantly - You will wake up in the morning EXCITED to get to work, not dreading it. There is value in this. All of our employees love their job.  

Additional - You'll get a lot of free Running shoes and gear.


If interested, please e-mail your resume to Janna@stpeterunningcompany.com

 Click here to learn more about our business.