8 TIPS FOR NEW RUNNERS May 3, 2016 11:06

New to Running?

Start With These 8 Key Tips


1. Don't wait to get started
Start where you are because it's really easy to talk yourself out of starting at all.
2.  Ease into it
Setting goals is important, but don't set inappropriate or unattainable goals as a new runner. Overdoing it can lead to injury and discouragement. Talk to people about your goals not only for the support but for the accountability.
3. Shoes and Bras DO matter
A proper pair of running shoes and good, supportive sports bra will make your transition into running much easier. At St. Pete Running Company, our StrideSmart Shoe Fitting process is one of the best in the country when it comes to getting into just the right shoe for you. Find out all about the top sports bra for runners in the country.
        4. Eat more, not less
Don't decrease your calorie intake when you start running because your body will start thinking it is "starving" and store extra fat cells. You need enough calories for your body to burn.
5. Alternate Shoes
Best running practices include alternating between a distance trainer and a lightweight trainer. Having extra cushion during longer runs often helps prevent sore feet, while lighter shoes for shorter distances will help with efficiency.
6. Run With a Group or a Friend
A running group like the FREE 6:30 PM Group Runs  at St. Pete Running Company are not only great for the encouragement and support, but there is safety in numbers. This also helps keep you accountable.
7. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest
Drinking enough water is important, as is replenishing electrolytes. A good night's sleep allows your body to repair itself.
8. Smile
Because you took the first steps to getting started, you should be proud of yourself.





Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.



Recover Faster, Feel Stronger, and Improve Performance with 2XU Compression

What can 2XU (pronounced two-times-you) Compression do for you During Exercise?

    • Reduces Muscle Fatigue and Damage - Contains the muscle to reduce vibration, minimize damage and overall fatigue to enhance output.
    • Heightens Agility - Applied pressure to the skin surface increases sensory awareness for improved posture, agility, mobility, and stability.
    • Improves Performance -Heightened circulation, muscle oxygenation and less fatigue increases power and lowers heart rate for enhanced performance overall.
What can 2XU Compression do for you After Exercise?
    • Faster Recovery - Graduated pressure increases blood flow and shortens the recovery phase especially while sedentary.
    • Decreases Soreness - Efficient removal of blood lactate from exercising muscles to reduce swelling, speed muscle repair and reduce soreness.
    • Travel Protection from Edema and Blood Clots - Through heightened blood circulation, 2XU Compression helps reduce swelling in feet and ankles and lowers the risk of blood clots, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Can 2XU Compression help Before Exercise?

    • Improves Circulation for Faster Warm-Up - Graduated compression increases blood circulation to the heart and lymph nodes for a faster, safer warm-up period before exercise.


The MCS line from 2XU takes compression to a new level. MCS stands for Muscle Containment Stamping. MCS is a revolutionary fabric support system traced over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups to focus greater compression power to wrap precise areas and reduce muscle oscillation and damage.

Elite MCS Compression Calf Guards and Tights offer unparalleled power and protection against muscle trauma during activity. Graduated compression also offers recovery benefits post exercise.


If you're eager to maximize your workouts with 2XU Compression products, such as tights, calf sleeves, socks, and more, visit St. Pete Running Company where you can try 2XU products on in store.




 Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a Customer Service Manager.


De Soto Solana Run Shorts Custom-Made For SPRC

The first question that may come to mind when you see these men's shorts is . . . are they running shorts?


Bria YES


But they are not ONLY running shorts. They can double as everyday board shorts, triple as beachwear, quadruple as shorts for virtually any sport. In other words, you WILL get your money's worth from this durable garment with a tag that boasts, "You are holding something very special."


St. Pete Running Company fully custom-designed De Soto Solana Run Shorts paired with SPRC tank


Here are 6 things you probably didn't know about these one-of-a-kind De Soto Solana Run Shorts and the company that makes them.

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZED -- De Soto used the graphics SPRC provided that make these shorts one-of-a-kind.

  • FULLY SUBLIMATED -- Nobody else in the world does this! In a nutshell, the shorts design is printed as panels on paper with a large-format printer that is carefully wrapped in plastic to control the humidity of the ink heads for optimal color resolution and clarity of graphics, all without affecting the performance integrity of the fabric.

  • INDIVIDUALLY CUT AND SEWN -- Mass-cut clothing inevitably leads to inaccuracy in sizing. Not the case at De Soto where their sewing room contains twelve sewing machines. Each and every panel is individually cut by a round razor blade and sewn into the finished garment.

  • SPRC GOT IT FIRST -- St. Pete Running Company is the first company IN THE WORLD to obtain these custom-made shorts.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY -- Each $60 pair of shorts is like a tailor-made suit. After completion, they are hand inspected with any lint removed. Overall, a little more work, and in the end a much more precise garment.

  • MADE IN USA -- De Soto is an American company based in San Diego. All the inks used to color their garments have no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in them. So they are better for your skin along and better for the environment. De Soto fabrics still keep you cool, remain breathable, and comfortable while never fading, cracking, or losing their original aesthetic appeal.

Made in USA



Check out the video of when the shorts first arrived by CLICKING HERE.




Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.