Trying to Stay Fit this Holiday Season?


Let Us Help with These Bright Ideas!

1. Plan Your Runs

Whether you run in the morning, afternoon, or evening, make a plan for your weekly running routine, and stick to it!

2. Eat Smaller Portions

It can be easy to eat more than what our bodies require for fuel when there are so many holiday parties to attend. Make sure you pay attention to when you feel full and decline any extra helpings.

3. Drink a Bottle of Water Before Meals

This is a good habit to form. Our bodies need plenty of water during the day, especially when training for races. Right before a meal, drink a bottle of water for hydration and to help prevent overeating.

4. Join a Running Group

The best type of running groups? The free kind! At St. Pete Running Company, we host free Group Runs every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM. There are also a variety of groups that meet at different times and locations throughout Pinellas County. Find one that works for you!

5. Eat Three Meals a Day

Instead of snacking throughout the day, where it's easy to lose track of how much is consumed, eat three meals at regular times. Make sure you're including plenty of veggies throughout the week.

6. Avoid Unhealthy Snacking After 8:00 PM

When it's time to start winding down and getting ready for a good night's sleep, drink water and avoid unhealthy snacks and desserts that will not digest as well while you're sleeping.

7. Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Why is it important to get 8 hours of sleep when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight? Getting a full night's rest regulates your metabolism, helps with mental clarity, and reducing feelings of fatigue.

8. Don't Skip Breakfast

It truly is the most important meal of the day! When you "break the fast" of your full 8 hours of sleep, you need a healthy breakfast to replenish your supply of glucose and other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.





Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.