8 TIPS FOR NEW RUNNERS May 3, 2016 11:06

New to Running?

Start With These 8 Key Tips


1. Don't wait to get started
Start where you are because it's really easy to talk yourself out of starting at all.
2.  Ease into it
Setting goals is important, but don't set inappropriate or unattainable goals as a new runner. Overdoing it can lead to injury and discouragement. Talk to people about your goals not only for the support but for the accountability.
3. Shoes and Bras DO matter
A proper pair of running shoes and good, supportive sports bra will make your transition into running much easier. At St. Pete Running Company, our StrideSmart Shoe Fitting process is one of the best in the country when it comes to getting into just the right shoe for you. Find out all about the top sports bra for runners in the country.
        4. Eat more, not less
Don't decrease your calorie intake when you start running because your body will start thinking it is "starving" and store extra fat cells. You need enough calories for your body to burn.
5. Alternate Shoes
Best running practices include alternating between a distance trainer and a lightweight trainer. Having extra cushion during longer runs often helps prevent sore feet, while lighter shoes for shorter distances will help with efficiency.
6. Run With a Group or a Friend
A running group like the FREE 6:30 PM Group Runs  at St. Pete Running Company are not only great for the encouragement and support, but there is safety in numbers. This also helps keep you accountable.
7. Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest
Drinking enough water is important, as is replenishing electrolytes. A good night's sleep allows your body to repair itself.
8. Smile
Because you took the first steps to getting started, you should be proud of yourself.





Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.


On April 13th at our 6:30 PM Monday Group Run, everyone will have the opportunity to test out a pair of Mizuno Running Shoes.


Wave Rider (Mens and Womens)

Mizuno is a Japanese company that believes in creating a high quality running shoe.


Wave Hitogami (Womens)


Wave Sayonara (Mens)


What is wave technology?

Unlike other running shoe companies, Mizuno uses wave technology for their cushioning structure. Every one of their shoes has what's called a Wave plate, a polymer plastic plate that runs from mid-foot to heel or arch to heel. The Wave plate dynamically cushions a runner's impact, helping transfer the impact forces throughout the body of the shoe instead of in one spot. The ripple effect is similar to a drop of water hitting a pond.


4 Reasons to test out Mizunos at Monday's Group Run

  • LIGHTWEIGHT and COMFORTABLE-- Overall, their shoes are some of the lighter weight shoes on the market, and they give the comfortable feel of a hug around the middle of the foot to the heel.

  • SHOCK ABSORPTION-- The basic structure of the Wave allows the cushioning midsole to disperse the impact forces of running by spreading it out more evenly through the shoe.

  • SUPPORT-- Wave technology adds cushioning and support with a smoother heel-toe-transition. Firmer connection to the ground due to the firmness of the Wave plate provides inherent support in the area around the arch to keep you centered in the shoe.

  • ENERGY-SAVING-- Their shoes are designed to maximize and balance forward momentum, which leads to an increase in saved energy.


Join us Monday, April 13th at 6:30 PM to test out a pair and see for yourself how much your feet love the feel of Mizuno Running Shoes.




Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.