Ready to Get Faster and Improve Your 5K Pace?

Advice & Tips from St. Pete Running Company 
Are you looking to improve your 5K races? Would you like to get better at pacing and get faster?

St. Pete Running Company has some quick tips and advice to share that will help you on your journey to improve your running.

  • SET GOAL PACE - One day of the week, run at your goal 5K pace during intervals (meaning for short distances, such as 400 or 800 meters.)
  • INCORPORATE EASY RUNS - Not every run should be at the same pace. Make sure you have easy runs scheduled in. They are just as beneficial as hard runs.
  • AVOID THE HEAT - Avoid the heat of the day. Try to run early in the morning or later in the day.
  • HYDRATE - Lots of water. Refill that water bottle throughout the day.
  • SWAP BETWEEN 2 PAIRS OF SHOES - Purchase a second pair of shoes. A lightweight model is ideal for some during a 5K and can take 3-5 seconds off your time per mile. Moderate/higher cushion shoes for longer mileage days.
  • CONSISTENCY - Remember that consistency is king. Make a schedule that works for you (including rest days) and be consistent for maximum benefit.
  • JOIN A RUNNING GROUP - Have a group that holds you accountable. You're more likely to show up if there are friends waiting to encourage you, and you can encourage them!


How to Make it STICK!

Ready to make the necessary changes to improve your 5K but don't know where to start? LET US HELP! 

Training, Coaching, Speedwork, Track, Group Runs, and More at St. Pete Running Company

Advice and Tips are great! But do you need some help when it comes to putting these ideas into practice? We're here to help!

At St. Pete Running Company, we are known for our one-of-a-kind StrideSmart Shoe Fitting Process. We evaluate your gate and analyze your functional movements, all while taking into account your running history and goals for the future. This process doesn't take long, and we can help you pick out the ideal pair (or pairs) of shoes for you!

FREE GROUPS EVERY WEEK! We host Group Run on Monday and Thursday at 6:30 PM for all levels from walkers to joggers. There's usually a fun theme which may include shoe demos, snacks, drinks, and discounts! First timers get a $10 Gift Card to the store.

TRACK AND SPEEDWORK - We've partnered with Northside Christian School, and they have generously allowed us to use their state-of-the-art track on Wednesday mornings! Track meets at 5:30 AM. For Speedwork, we meet Wednesday evenings at Walter Fuller Park (near the dog park) at 6:15 PM. Both Track and Speedwork have a $15 Drop-in rate, or you can pay for the 8-week session for $79.99. For more details, email Coach Jimmy.

COACHING WITH JIMMY - There are multiple options when it comes to training with Coach Jimmy from personal coaching, one-on-one coaching, multisport coaching, to swim coaching. He's taking new clients! Contact Jimmy via Email for more information.



Ready to take your running to the next level with coaching?

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