Meet Believer Achiever Tiffany

No one expects to suffer a life-altering injury, but that's what happened to Tiffany, who is now legally blind.

As a Believer Achiever, Tiffany has a "Never Give Up" attitude that pushes her along no matter what obstacles face her. Her goal is to complete the St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon and beat the time she got last year.

Overcoming Adversity

Tiffany faces major challenges each and every day because of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which led to her becoming legally blind.

A former gym owner, Tiffany was training for an upcoming Muay Thai fight. At the end of a session, she passed out and was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered a cerebral hematoma.
After brain and eye surgery, Tiffany's sight became very limited to the point where she is legally blind. "It's like seeing through a straw," she explains. That makes it difficult to run, and her balance and coordination is off, so everyday tasks have gotten harder. She has dealt with losses in short term memory and long term memory.

When You Believe, You Achieve

When Tiffany was younger, she ran track in school. A friend suggested she join St. Pete Running Company's Track Program, which involves a coached workout on the track at Northside Christian School. She fell in love with the program and the people. Week after week, she continues to come out to Wednesday Track Night. One fellow runner even held Tiffany's hand when the sun started setting to assist in guiding her steps as it got dark.

Tiffany stays active in as many ways as she can. A former personal trainer, her love for working out helps her maintain a healthy routine. At home, she has written her own workouts and completes what she sets out to do. About three times a week, her mom drops her off at the beginning of a trail where she's able to run the familiar route by herself or with a friend. On occasion, friends have taken her to the gym for a workout, and she's been able to participate in a spin class once a week.
As St. Pete Run Fest approaches, Tiffany is well prepared to face the challenge and hopes to better her Half Marathon time.


Tiffany's Advice

"Never stop! And live in the moment. I'm motivated by life in general and have always been a very physical person. I continue to try to improve both physically and mentally every day. My advice to others is to join in the events with St. Pete Running Company. They will always make you feel welcome."


St. Pete Running Company is a proud sponsor of St. Pete Run Fest. We're the Official Merchandizer of St. Pete Run Fest, and we'd love to see you in our store, at the race expo on race weekend Nov. 16th-17th, and at our cheer station on Sunday, Nov. 18th.




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Meet Believer Achiever Kristie

No one expects to battle addiction and face dark times, but that was all part of Kristie's former lifestyle.

As a Believer Achiever, Kristie has replaced old bad habits with new, healthy ones and her goal is to complete her first race: the St. Pete Run Fest 10K.

Overcoming Adversity 

Kristie takes on a daily uphill battle when it comes to overcoming past addictions. One of her mottos is "One day at a time, one step at a time."

Each day, she has taken the steps and added to her 18 months of sobriety. She quit smoking 4 months ago. And yet it's not only her drive to become a healthier person that motivates her, but the strong support system that surrounds her and encourages her throughout her journey.

Kristie is currently a full-time tenant at the Women’s Residence of the St. Pete Free Clinic. She has a job and is back in school.

St. Pete Running Company accepted Kristie into the Rookie Runner Program through St. Pete Run Fest, which has involved outfitting her with running gear and providing coaching for her race training.

At the Monday and Thursday Night Group Runs at St. Pete Running Company, Kristie has found a community of runners whom she can call friends. Through the St. Pete Free Clinic, she has gained support and skills to meet her life goals.

When You Believe, You Achieve

When Kristie recognized that instead of reaching for a cigarette, she chose instead to go on a run, she discovered a healthy habit was forming, and she was eager to foster that habit. And she wasn't afraid to ask for help.

Through the support of the Rookie Runner Program, she has now completed the longest run of her life: 6.2 miles. She feels prepared not only to start her goal race with confidence, but to complete the St. Pete Run Fest 10K and finish well. She's healthier, and she's never felt better. Week after week, she has been averaging 14 miles. At 4:30 AM, she makes a daily choice to get up in order to get out the door for her run. It takes guts, and Kristie has proven to herself that even when it's hard, she will make that choice every time.


Kristie's Advice

"Build fellowship. Get a support network. People who are on the same page as you. Find somebody you like, who inspires you, somebody you want to be like. One day at a time, one step at a time. The better decisions you make, the easier it will become. Build that support network, get in there with the winning crowd. Even when you don’t feel like it, do it because that’s especially when you need to get it done."


St. Pete Running Company is a proud sponsor of St. Pete Run Fest. We're the Official Merchandizer of St. Pete Run Fest, and we'd love to see you in our store, at the race expo on race weekend Nov. 16th-17th, and at our cheer station on Sunday, Nov. 18th.





Blogger Bria is a Customer Service Manager at St. Pete Running Company.



Meet Believer Achiever Casey

No one expects to be hit by a car, but that's what happened to Casey just a few months before he was signed up to compete in an Ironman.

As a Believer Achiever, Casey strives to rebuild his dreams even in the midst of disappointment, and to overcome the obstacles with the best team he has: his family. His goal is to set a Personal Record at the St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon.

Overcoming Adversity 

Casey's dream of completing the Ironman in Chatanooga was shattered in a split second when he was hit by a car two months before the event. The dream he and his family had invested in for months was gone. The recovery was a process, and he knew he wouldn't be back to full strength in time for the Ironman.

Thanks to the intense training leading up to the Ironman, Casey was in the best shape of his life, and that contributed to his healing and the great progress he made following the accident. Plus he was determined not to let the accident defeat him. 

When You Believe, You Achieve

When Casey realized that his dream of competing at the Ironman in Chattanooga was gone, he made a decision: to volunteer at the event and bring his family along. He was able to lead by example, and to show his children that he could express passion for his dream by serving others.

Recovery became something for the whole family. His kids helped him set and reach Milestones, and they had a role to play. He set a new goal: to run the Half Marathon at St. Pete Run Fest and to set a Personal Record. The timeline was tight as the race takes place four months after the accident, but with the support of his family and his determination, Casey feels more than prepared to take on this challenge. And he can't wait to join his son in the St. Pete Run Fest 5K, which will be his son's first race.


Casey's Advice

"A decision has to be made. You can sulk or you can turn this into a way to inspire. I wanted my kids to know that nothing can stop you from achieving a dream. My serious injuries were simply 'ouchies' and we built milestone lists. WE started making progress. Although I could not compete, my kids saw my passion when I took on volunteering at the race where I could no longer compete. No matter what you do, do it to the best of your ability! 


St. Pete Running Company is a proud sponsor of St. Pete Run Fest. We're the Official Merchandizer of St. Pete Run Fest, and we'd love to see you in our store, at the race expo on race weekend Nov. 16th-17th, and at our cheer station on Sunday, Nov. 18th.




Blogger Bria is a Customer Service Manager at St. Pete Running Company.


Ready to Sign Up For Run Fest?

We've Got a Discount Code!

We're excited to be partnering with the 2018 St. Pete Run Fest, and we've got a code for you to use if you haven't yet signed up for the Half Marathon.

CODE for 5% OFF: SPRC18



Already Signed Up? Join Our Team!


If you've already signed up for St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon, we'd love for you to join the St. Pete Running Company team! All our welcome to join us. It doesn't matter what pace you're doing. We're just supporting each other in community, and we'll have warm-ups beforehand at the race.

Why join the team? Benefits include our own tailgate space after the race. If we're the largest team at Run Fest, we'll get a catered tent at the finish line!


Join the St. Pete Running Company Team for the St. Pete Run Fest

 Here's how to join our team:

  1. Open your St. Pete Run Fest registration confirmation email or login to your IMAthlete account
  2. Select Manage Registration
  3. Go to Participant Info, then Select Team
  4. Select St. Pete Running Company
  5. Don’t forget to hit SAVE

Here are a couple of photos to walk you through these steps:




We've Got a Half Marathon Training Program

Looking for more than just a team? We've also got a training program to prepare you for the St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon, or whatever race you're doing.

CLICK HERE to Sign Up and to find out more info about the Training Program.

Still have questions? Call St. Pete Running Company at 727-800-5043 or visit us in store to chat with one of our expert staff.


6989 22nd Ave N, St. Pete, FL 33710


Mon-Fri: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Sat: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sun: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM




Blogger Bria is a Customer Service Manager at St. Pete Running Company.


Ready to Start Training For Your First or Next Half?

Join Our Half Marathon Training Program

Half Marathon Training

Want to run a Half Marathon? Join St. Pete Running Company for our 10-week Half Marathon Training Course starting September 10th. The program caps at 50 people.

Half Marathon Info Seminar: Find out more and get your questions answered

Thursday, August 23rd at 6:00 PM

You can also join our Group Run afterward at 6:30 PM

Half Marathon Sign-Up Party

Monday, August 27th at 6:00 PM

We'll have giveaways! Meet the coaches and learn about the class.


This is a comprehensive half marathon training program for novice or intermediate runner who want guidance and leadership to help achieve your goal. You don't have to be a veteran runner to benefit from this training group. We'll get you to the finish line confident, healthy & happy.



  • This ten-week course commences on Monday, September 10th at 6:30 PM, meeting at St Pete Running Company.
  • The target race is The St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon on Sunday, November 18th, 2018.
  • Training will consist of 3 structured & supervised runs each week including a long run, speed workout and easy run.


    There are a lot of reasons why you should run a half marathon.

    • Accomplishment, physical fitness, weight management through the holidays, injury prevention and most importantly…. It’s FUN!
    • Camaraderie from dozens of other like-minded runners.
    • Accountability – it’s much easier to make yourself go to training if you know there is a friendly & supportive group waiting for you to join them!
    • Guidance: We have an expert team of coaches who will guide you from start to finish. We believe in educating runners so expect to learn a lot about running throughout this course.


    Training will take place from St. Pete Running Company, the nearby parks, neighborhoods and the Pinellas Trail.

    • Long Run – will vary throughout our area. Plenty will be hosted from our home location of St. Pete Running Company, 6986 22nd Ave North. You will be able to leave your belongings in the store and have bathroom facilities before/during/after training.
    • Threshold & Speed Training – This will be integrated into our highly successful track program which meets on Wednesdays at Northside Christian School track.
    • Recovery Run – A slow & steady run to help your body recover from the stresses of training. These will take place on Monday nights at St. Pete Running Company or on your own from home.


    This program is designed for Novice to Intermediate runners who usually share any/all of these goals.

    • Understand the importance of staying healthy and want guidance/leadership to help them achieve their goals.
    • Want to tick a half marathon off the bucket list.
    • Want to run a faster time than they have ever gone before.
    • Hope to enjoy running and make sure they’re not going to get injured.


    Here's a clip from our Wednesday Track Program

    Participants should be in good health and cleared by a doctor to be able to run. You should be able to complete a 3 mile walk/run before joining the training group. Yes, it’s okay to take walk breaks. 

    Cost: $200

      • Race entry discount for St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon
      • 10% Discount in store purchases until 11/18/18
      • Caps at 50 people

      If you have more questions please call the store 727-800-5043 or contact Cody.