Four-Week Duathlon Training Program

Starts December 30th


Join us for our popular Duathlon Training Course. Duathlon is a multisport race of Run, Bike, Run. This course is 4 weeks long and will teach you the essentials of Duathlon. It will include group runs, speed work, cycling and also Duathlon specific workouts called bricks. The psychology of racing and nutrition will be covered in this course. Positioned primarily in January 2019, this is a great way for runners to cross train, learn new things, and get a start in multisports.

The course will be lead by our expert staff who are friendly and motivating. The optional goal race is The Chilly Willy Duathlon at Beautiful Fort Desoto on January 27th, 2019. As an event partner in the race, we will be there to support you on the day as well.


Cost: $79.99 (Limited to 20 spots)
You'll get a 10% Discount in our store for the duration of the program, our on-site Athletic Trainers will provide you with a free one-on-one injury prevention screening, and you'll receive free products from Gatorade Endurance.


Training commences on December 30th.

A typical Weekly Schedule will be like this:

Monday, 6:30 PM: (Store) Dynamics, easy running, core + foam rolling.

Wednesday, 5:30 AM or 6:30 PM: (track) Core + Speedwork.

Thursday, 6:30 PM: (Store) Dynamics, recovery slow run, core strength (Optional Day)

Sunday, Early Morning: (Store or various locations) Brick workout of Cycling, Running and Core strength.

This class is for Novice to intermediate athletes.

Athletes will need a road bike, helmet and running shoes. We will help teach you everything else!



If you have questions please call the store at 727-800-5043 or email Cody.



Safety Tips for Runners/Walkers

 When you go for a walk or a jog, do you take these safety precautions? 

1. Wear an ID

It's very important to have some form of identification, such as an emergency wristband. That way if anything were to happen, your essential information would be readily available.

2. Tell Someone Where You're Going

Be sure to tell a trusted family member or friend the route you will be walking/jogging and your expected return time. If you have a GPS watch with live tracking, don't make that info public, but send it to a close friend or family member.

3. Wear Reflective Gear in Low-Light Conditions

Make it very easy for others (especially drivers) to see you, even if it's during the day.

4. Fuel During Runs Longer than 45 Minutes

On longer runs, don't allow your body to deplete. Fuel with energy gels or other electrolyte replenishers.

5. Plan for Water Stops

Make a route that passes water fountains, or carry water with you to prevent dehydration.


Where to Get Equipped?

Look no further than your local running store!

 St. Pete Running Company

6989 22nd Ave N, St. Pete, FL 33710


Mon-Fri: 10AM - 7PM

Sat: 10AM - 6PM

Sun: 12PM - 5PM



Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.


Love to Bike? Love to Run?

Duathlon Training Camp Starts January 7th at St. Pete Running Company

Here are 2 Reasons Why You Should Join Us For Duathlon Camp

1. Train with a Fun-Loving Group of Like-Minded People!

2. Train with the Experts!

Coach Cody Angell

Coach Jimmy Williams

What You Need to Know About Duathlon Camp

For four weeks starting Saturday, January 7th, there will be a Duathlon Training Camp hosted by St. Pete Running Company.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Road bike, helmet, running shoes, $50 for four-week clinic (cash or credit)
St. Pete Running Company
6986 22nd Ave N
St. Pete, FL 33710
This is where you'll do a brick workout of cycling and running so bring your bike, helmet, and running gear!
  • WHERE TO MEET ON WEDNESDAYS AT Either 5:30AM or 6:15 PM: 
Walter Fuller Park
7901 30th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
This is where you'll do a Speedwork session so bring your running gear!

    Attendees will receive training on proper riding and running technique from expert coaches.  The cost of the four-week clinic is $50, non-refundable. If cost is an issue, scholarships are available. If you have questions please contact Cody.  Beginners are welcome. If you're a runner looking to add another sport, this is the clinic for you!


    The Chilly Willy Duathlon in Ft. Desoto takes place Sunday, January 29, 2017. This training camp is the perfect place to get ready for your first or fiftieth duathlon. Attendees are NOT required to sign up for this race.

    Whether your goal is to compete or to complete a duathlon, or simply to enhance your cross-training, this is the clinic for you!



    Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.


    WANT TO TRY RUNNING ON A TRACK? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! June 21, 2016 20:59 1 Comment

    Come Try Track Training for Free on June 22nd

    We recently started a Track Training Program and we are delighted by how well it's going. People are having fun, working hard and already seeing results.

    Come out Weds, June 22nd at 6:30 PM for a free session!
    First timers, please arrive by 6:15 or sooner.
    Location: Admiral Farragut Academy Track, 501 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, FL. 


    Read on to see what participants have to say about our Track Program.

    Here is what people have to say about our program.

    "Track workout is VERY well structured. I'm running faster than I thought I would. My goal is to do a 5K in less than 30 minutes. This workout is going to help me achieve that. The whole environment with all the camaraderie is supportive. That's what I like best. Meeting great people." ~Donna

    "This is my first time at track workout and it is fantastic. It helps to have other runners around. The people are so friendly and helpful." ~Sue

    "I love it. The Coaches are the best. They believe in us." ~VJ

    "I come every week. I've never run on a track before and it's definitely the best surface to run on. I finally learned what a 400 is. This workout is making me run faster. Well worth it." ~Richard

    "I'm enjoying it very much. I haven't run on a track in 30 years, and I missed it. I'll be coming out every time as long as the program is going. Helps me run fast. I love it." ~Jonathan

    "This is my first time at track workout. Great coaches and speedwork. This has helped push me more than I would've pushed myself. I like having someone to chase." ~Lisa

    "I've been coming every week. It's great and I'm loving it. With everybody here, I can keep going. Someday I'm gonna be as fast as Coach Cody and Coach Chris." ~Bob

    "I feel pushed to succeed, but not out of my comfort zone. Track workout gives me a great sense of pride. I just like running with others." ~Sam





    Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.



    Tri Training at St. Pete Running Company

    Is the Tri Course For Me?

    First time triathlete? Interested in learning the basics? Want to improve on your tri skills? Then St. Pete Running Company has the perfect course for you! Whether you've done a triathlon in the past or you're thinking about signing up for your first one, you will benefit from attending our 5-week clinic with a team of experts guiding you through a friendly and non-intimidating format.

    What is a Triathlon?

    A triathlon is a race with three different physical activities: swimming, cycling, and running. There are multiple distances at triathlon races, including shorter sprint distances for first-time triathlon athletes.



    This Triathlon Course will be a 5 week clinic
    Orientation for the course will be at St Pete Running Company on Tuesday, June 14th at 6:30 PM.

    Sign-up in the store and get your questions answered during our orientation.

    Each participant will need to have their own bicycle and helmet. Recommended that everyone have a good pair of running shoes and goggles (available to purchase at St. Pete Running Company).

    Cost: $150

    First Training Session on Saturday, June 18th at 8:00 AM meets at St. Pete Running Company.

    The Triathlon training schedule includes 3 weekly sessions:

    • Tuesday Evening swim 6:30 PM
    • Wednesday night 6:30 PM track workout at Admiral Farragut
    • Saturday Morning 8:00 AM Brick session, which is cycling and an easy run in the same workout.  We will meet at St. Pete Running Company.

    We will be having a mock triathlon during the course to practice what a triathlon is like.

    Goal Race: Participants are encouraged to sign up for a triathlon. The Top Gun Tri race at Ft. Desoto will take place on July 23rd.


    Perks For Each Participant

    Everyone who signs up for the course will receive:

    •        3 weekly coached training sessions
    • Triathlon race number belt

    • 10% discount on everything in store during the course

    We hope you're as excited as we are about this awesome course! Please note that participants need to be healthy enough to perform physical activities from easy to medium and moderate vigorous levels.

    Questions? Email Jimmy jimmymichaelwilliams@gmail.com
    NOTE: This course has a maximum capacity of 15 participants. Sign-up must be done in store.