6 REASONS TO JOIN SWIM ST. PETE February 19, 2020 10:55

Love to Swim?


We'd Love to Have You Join Us at Swim St. Pete

What is Swim St. Pete? It's a fun and motivational swim program for adults. We meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5:30 AM at Walter Fuller Pool. The address is 7883 26th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710.

Swim St. Pete has been developed to help you maintain and increase your endurance and proficiency in the swimming pool. We’ve assembled a coaching team of experienced swimmers and accomplished triathletes to take your swim training to new depths.

Attendees should expect to become more efficient and stronger swimmers. Bring goggles, a towel, a swim cap, a water bottle and your A-game.

Cost: $40/month. Drop-in rate is $10. Passes can be purchased at Walter Fuller Pool: 7883 26th Ave N., St. Petersburg, FL 33710.


1. Swimming is great for you - Increase your metabolism and get a great cardio workout without loading on your joints. It's a great method to cross train.

2. Get it done early - We meet at 5:30 AM SHARP every Tuesday and Friday morning at Walter Fuller Pool.

3. Supportive and friendly coaches - We offer instruction on-deck to make you a smoother, more efficient swimmer. Meet the coaches on our Swim St. Pete page.

4. Group accountability - Every Tuesday and Friday, your swimming friends will be waiting to share a lane with you.

5. Beautiful locale - Join us under the stars and palm trees at a beautiful venue: Walter Fuller Pool. The water is prisitne and heated in the winter and chilled in the summer.

6. Affordable - Just $10 drop-in rate and save even more by paying $40/month.



If you need more information, contact Mandy Hurley or contact the St. Pete Running Company at 727-800-5043.






Blogger Bria is a Customer Service Manager at St. Pete Running Company.