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The All-New Hoka One One Carbon X


What Do We Think of This New Shoe?

At St. Pete Running Company, we bring in brands and shoe models we believe in. That means we run in them ourselves. We test every model before it reaches our shelves, and we're so excited to present to you the all-new Hoka One One Carbon X.



Women's Hoka One One Carbon X


Men's Hoka One One Carbon X


What We Love About the Hoka One One Carbon X

  1. THIS IS A FAST SHOE! No joke. A 50-mile world record was set with this shoe. St. Pete Running Company Owner Cody Angell took the shoes out for a spin. In his words: "Believe the hype."
  2. BUILT FOR SPEED. The thin carbon fiber plate in the sole runs the whole length of the shoe. Because of this, the shoe bends and snaps back really fast. That helps you toe-off quicker.
  3. THE ROCKER IS STILL HERE. Hoka One One running shoes are known for the midsole rocker and the Carbon X has it. The rocker helps runners and walkers make a faster transition from mid-stance to forward propulsion.
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT SHOE. Although the thicker midsole might throw you off, don't be deceived. This is a lightweight shoe that resembles the featherweight of a track spike. Note: lightweight shoes are ideal for your shorter distance runs.
  5. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ELITE TO RUN FAST IN THESE SHOES. They have a soft but not too mushy rear sole for the heel strikers. This helps make it easier for all stride types to push off the ground faster. The upper practically vanishes while you're wearing the shoes, which makes you forget what's on your feet. We're convinced you'll enjoy this sublimely fast shoe.


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