Guest blog by Eric Lawton, NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and owner of Max Muscle St. Pete


What type of pre-, intra- and post-nutrition do you need for the sport of running?

The answer: It Depends!

First, you must determine your exercise goals. Ask yourself what type of running you'll be doing. The nutrition required to train for a distance marathon is vastly different from the nutrition required by a runner looking to lose body fat. Without getting into a lengthy science lesson, let's cover a couple of basics that benefit all runners.



The 30 minutes or so immediately following exercise is the single most important window in an athlete's day where proper nutrition is hypercritical. We call this the post-exercise anabolic window. All exercise creates metabolic stress on the body which triggers numerous biological chain reactions including hormone production. Without recovery nutrition, the athlete will experience negative progression in performance. Post exercise needs:
  • High glycemic carbohydrates to replenish lost glycogen stores- includes bananas, melon, honey, white bread, white rice, sugar

  • Amino acids from protein to repair damaged muscle cells- includes whey

  • Vitamins and electrolytes to provide the 'blueprints' for the carbs and protein to be used properly.

Fast acting carbs reload depleted glycogen and spike insulin raising blood sugar to help flood muscles with nutrients.

Protein needs to be immediately available for use without added digestion. An ideal post-exercise protein is a whey hydro-isolate protein supplement mixed with water, juice or other liquid of your choice. The amino acids will 'ride along' with the insulin blood sugar spike from the carbs and repair damaged muscles so you will be ready to exercise again.


Have other questions? Don't let the name fool you....Max Muscle St. Pete is staffed with certified fitness nutrition coaches for all athletes.

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On Monday, November 24th we are excited to be hosting Fit Metrix Human Performance Lab at our store. Fit Metrix is a mobile Sports Lab which tests runners, walkers & athletes of virtually all abilities for the following things:

  • Body Composition

  • VO2 Max

  • Metabilic Rate

  • Calories Per Hour

These tests are conducted in a private Fit Metric Lab.

If you would like to sign up for one of these tests, please e-mail Dan@FitMetricLab.com to reserve a time slot.



Q & A with the Fit Metrix Owner Dan Bergeson

How does getting a VO2 Max test help me become a better runner?

This metabolic test is an excellent indicator of aerobic fitness. Athletes with higher VO2 max values can tolerate higher exercise intensity and volume than those whose VO2 max values indicate lower levels of conditioning. A VO2 Max test is not only recommended for elite athletes but for any athlete just getting started or looking to improve performance. The test identifies your personal VO2 Max and then provides very specific training zones which give you actual heart rate and training paces at each level – you no longer have to guess or estimate your optimal training zones or paces for recovery, intervals, etc. You give this information to your coach or plug it into your training schedule and now you are training based on YOUR actual HR or pace vs an average or guesstimate.

This test is ideal for ‘everyday athletes’ looking to take a few minutes off their 5k time or time-limited athletes who want to train by HR for their marathon to maximize each training session. The data from the VO2Max test that you receive can provide you with those training paces or zones to get you to your goals!

We also use this data to determine your potential projected finishing times from a mile race to marathon. Now, you have the right data to improve your training and racing performance!


What does Lactate Threshold testing do for me? How is this different from using a Heart Rate Monitor:

Your lactate profile is a powerful and reliable predictor of performance in aerobic exercise. The body produces lactate during exercise. The lactate profile test determines the level of exercise intensity at which the body begins to produce this substance at a greater rate than it can be removed from the blood stream. This point is called Lactate Threshold. A typical athlete can perform an exercise for 1-2 hours just below Lactate Threshold but just above this point, can usually only last for 15-20 minutes. This is extremely important data to know and use in developing your specific training.

A Heart Rate Monitor is only as good as the information it uses to set up training zones. If you google heart rate zones, you will find many different formulas to estimate your zones. This information is based on averages across all types of people. Using a HR formula generally causes athletes to undertrain or over train as they are not training in the correct zones. By doing a VO2 Max test or a Lactate Threshold test, we will determine your precise training zones (including HR and pace) giving you the data you need to improve YOUR performance and exceed your goals.


What exactly is the BOD POD and how does it work

The BOD POD is the Gold Standard in Body Composition Tracking (lean mass and fat mass). Body composition is one of the best indicators of overall health.  Because the BOD POD is highly accurate, it can detect even small changes in body fat and lean body mass (i.e., muscle, bones and organs). The results you receive from your BOD POD analysis can be used to measure the success of your nutrition and/or exercise program, track weight loss progress, help you lose or gain body fat safely, fine tune your athletic performance, and more. Many clients and athletes focusing on weight changes need body composition analysis to understand 'how' their body is changing, while they may not see changes on the scale, tracking progress with the BOD POD will help them to see overall changes to their fat and lean mass - true indicators of your nutrition or training program success.

The BOD POD uses air displacement technology, the new Gold Standard in measuring your lean and fat percent – no longer do you need to go to a dunk tank to learn this information. You will be sitting inside the BOD POD for about 3 minutes. During that time, the door will be opened and closed between three 40-second tests. You will receive a print out of your results on the spot. Total time including preparation and reviewing the results is 15-20 minutes. Some client may be hesitant to get BOD POD test stating they know they are ‘fat’. In our experience, knowing your actual body composition helps clients create an action plan for improvement that they stick to knowing that they will conduct a follow-up assessment to measure their progress. We have seen huge improvements in client’s weight loss efforts or athletic performance based on knowing their numbers. Knowledge is power.


Where does the rubber meet the road? How does a runner use this stuff to run a faster Turkey Trot?

 With the Turkey Trot coming up so quickly, it may be difficult to make too many changes to an athlete’s training program, but we can use some of the data to help us perform better. I would look at the projected times and paces from the VO2 Max test to determine the ideal racing strategy to maximize my performance. Using this information to start the race conservative and increase my specific race pace as the race goes on to run close to even or negative splits – without this information you are back to guessing based on averages. The big benefit will be seen in the coming months as you and your coach fine tune your racing plans to reach new goals and PR’s!

Fit Metrix Lab

Tell us about the mobile lab and what motivated you to start your business.

The Fit Metrix Human Performance lab is our state of the art 24 foot mobile testing center. Inside we have all the equipment needed for Body Composition testing (BOD POD), and a treadmill and bike trainer used along with a Metabolic Cart for VO2 Max Testing, Lactate Threshold Testing, Resting Metabolic Rate testing, and Metabolic Efficiency Testing. It was built out of our passion for working with athletes and clients to help them reach their health and fitness goals!

We saw an unmet need in the greater Tampa Bay area as more and more athletes were becoming tech savvy and using new gadgets. These devices are great but only as good as the data that’s inputted. If you’re using incorrect training zones, you’re going to be disappointed with the results or worse yet, get injured. For people trying to lose weight, they often times get discouraged by looking at the scale and not seeing fast enough results, when they are actually losing Fat and gaining muscle, we can show them the actual pounds of fat and pounds of lean mass as they change – this is so motivating and keeps people on track vs giving up their efforts. Plus we love working with all athletes from the beginner to the elite and seeing them continually improve and reach new goals!

Finally, we decided to create a mobile lab to strength our partnership with local coaches, trainers, PT and doctors, fitness stores (like St Pete Running Company), and businesses to bring this technology right to their clients or employees. What better way to learn this powerful information than to walk outside your door and have the testing center on site, it is convenient and a value-added service that you can provide – an excellent partnership in health and fitness!


If you are interested in learning more about FitMetrix please visit their website www.FitMetrixLab.com