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Half Marathon Training

Want to run a Half Marathon? Join St. Pete Running Company for our 10-week Half Marathon Training Course starting September 10th. The program caps at 50 people.

Half Marathon Info Seminar: Find out more and get your questions answered

Thursday, August 23rd at 6:00 PM

You can also join our Group Run afterward at 6:30 PM

Half Marathon Sign-Up Party

Monday, August 27th at 6:00 PM

We'll have giveaways! Meet the coaches and learn about the class.


This is a comprehensive half marathon training program for novice or intermediate runner who want guidance and leadership to help achieve your goal. You don't have to be a veteran runner to benefit from this training group. We'll get you to the finish line confident, healthy & happy.



  • This ten-week course commences on Monday, September 10th at 6:30 PM, meeting at St Pete Running Company.
  • The target race is The St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon on Sunday, November 18th, 2018.
  • Training will consist of 3 structured & supervised runs each week including a long run, speed workout and easy run.


    There are a lot of reasons why you should run a half marathon.

    • Accomplishment, physical fitness, weight management through the holidays, injury prevention and most importantly…. It’s FUN!
    • Camaraderie from dozens of other like-minded runners.
    • Accountability – it’s much easier to make yourself go to training if you know there is a friendly & supportive group waiting for you to join them!
    • Guidance: We have an expert team of coaches who will guide you from start to finish. We believe in educating runners so expect to learn a lot about running throughout this course.


    Training will take place from St. Pete Running Company, the nearby parks, neighborhoods and the Pinellas Trail.

    • Long Run – will vary throughout our area. Plenty will be hosted from our home location of St. Pete Running Company, 6986 22nd Ave North. You will be able to leave your belongings in the store and have bathroom facilities before/during/after training.
    • Threshold & Speed Training – This will be integrated into our highly successful track program which meets on Wednesdays at Northside Christian School track.
    • Recovery Run – A slow & steady run to help your body recover from the stresses of training. These will take place on Monday nights at St. Pete Running Company or on your own from home.


    This program is designed for Novice to Intermediate runners who usually share any/all of these goals.

    • Understand the importance of staying healthy and want guidance/leadership to help them achieve their goals.
    • Want to tick a half marathon off the bucket list.
    • Want to run a faster time than they have ever gone before.
    • Hope to enjoy running and make sure they’re not going to get injured.


    Here's a clip from our Wednesday Track Program

    Participants should be in good health and cleared by a doctor to be able to run. You should be able to complete a 3 mile walk/run before joining the training group. Yes, it’s okay to take walk breaks. 

    Cost: $200

      • Race entry discount for St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon
      • 10% Discount in store purchases until 11/18/18
      • Caps at 50 people

      If you have more questions please call the store 727-800-5043 or contact Cody.


      Running Coach Jeremy Richardson

      We're delighted to announce a new coach at St. Pete Running Company! Meet Jeremy Richardson, a physical therapy assistant, a runner, and a triathlete.

      “We're excited to have Jeremy on board as our head coach at Run St. Pete, our training club. It was a highly selective process to find someone who could meet our expectations. As a talented up and coming coach and physical therapist, he's been advocating for us for years, and has sent many people to our store for a properly fitted running and walking shoe. He believes in what we are doing. To have a running and triathlon coach who is an elite athlete and a physical therapist is excellent. But to have that skill set and also demonstrate leadership and compassion for the individual is world class. He was a shoe-in for the job.”

      ~St. Pete Running Company Owner Cody Angell


      Get to Know Jeremy

      Q: Where are you from and what's your background?

      Jeremy: I was born in Tennessee but have lived in the Tampa Bay Area since I was three. My love of running came from running in different sports. No matter what sport it was, I always loved the running aspect of the game.

      Q: How long have you been involved with the sport?

      Jeremy: Triathlon has been a huge passion of mine since I first raced at 16. I have gained many experiences from racing all over the world and training with some incredibly talented athletes. During my time at Florida State University, I was able to train with two National Champions, and some of the best triathletes in the southeast.

      Q: Top sporting moment?

      Jeremy: My top sporting moment was winning the Gasparilla 8k, hearing all of my friends and family cheering, and having Meb Keflezighi give me my award.

      Q: What do you like about helping people?

      Jeremy: My passion in life is helping people! I love pushing people to be the best and have fun while doing it. I utilize the latest techniques in training and rehabilitation to keep my athletes healthy by progressively pushing them to new levels of fitness.

      Q: Why did you choose to work with St. Pete Running Company?

      Jeremy: I chose to work with St. Pete Running Company because I believe in and like what Janna and Cody are doing, which is growing the running community in a fun way.

      Q: What are your goals as an athlete?

      Jeremy: My goals are to continue to PR, and see where that takes me. I qualified as a professional triathlete, and I'd like to qualify again, and if able, to compete at that level.  




      Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.


      New Shoes at St. Pete Running Company

      Tried a New Pair of Running Shoes Lately?

      Need new running shoes? There are lots of new models to try! Whether you're in a running rut or just want to check out how your feet feel in a something new, we're happy to help get you fitted for just the right shoe for you.

      Check Out Our New Running Shoe Models

      Hoka One One Clifton 5

      The Hoka One One Clifton 5 is a plush running shoe with maximal cushioning that gives you a "running/walking on a cloud" feeling.

      Women's Hoka Clifton 5

      Men's Hoka Clifton 5


      Saucony Ride ISO

      The Saucony Ride ISO is a neutral running shoe engineered for comfort with technology that adapts to your stride.

      Women's Saucony Ride ISO

      Men's Saucony Ride ISO


      Mizuno Wave Sky 2

      The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is a neutral shoe that achieves a rare blend where softness meets responsiveness.

      Women's Mizuno Wave Sky 2

      Men's Mizuno Wave Sky 2


      Asics Kayano 25

      The Asics Kayano 25 is a stability shoe with high support, high cushion, and new tech that provides lighter weight and a springier ride.

      Women's Asics Kayano 25

      Men's Asics Kayano 25




      Blogger Bria is a customer service manager at St. Pete Running Company.

      RUNNING IN HEAT: 6 WAYS TO ACCLIMATE June 13, 2018 11:54

      Summer is Here!

      Tips For Running in the Florida Heat

      Blog Post by Coach Jimmy Williams

      Summer temps are here and I just wanted to share some tips about how to acclimate to the heat/humidity:

      1. It will take about 14 days of running in the heat for an hour or more for your body to adapt to the heat (cardiovascular adaptations typically start within the first 3-5 Days).
      2. Be deliberate in slowing down during your first few days of running in the heat. Make sure your easy days are extra easy, ignore pace and run on perceived effort.
      3. Do not increase your perceived exertion intensity in an attempt to match your pace during the winter months. A 5k in July won’t be the same as a 5k in January.
      4. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids before a run and consume extra fluids and electrolytes while heat training.
      5. Know your hourly sweat rate and replenish with electrolytes accordingly. Our favorite Gatorade Endurance Athlete, Cody Angell, and myself can help you with this.
      6. Make sure to wear lightweight running apparel (tank tops, shorts, thin socks) that are well ventilated to avoid overheating and soaking up with sweat.

      We want all of our Sunny Runners to be safe out there! Happy running!




      THE ST. PETE MILE! WE'RE HAVING A 1-MILE TRACK RACE May 23, 2018 13:50

      Join us for the first ever St. Pete Mile! Whether you're looking to run your first ever mile or you're trying to crush your personal best, this is for you! This is soon to be a favorite on the Summer Running Calendar. This is friendly, laid back, inclusive, and above all it's FUN!
      St. Pete Mile

      We meet on National Running Day, June 6th, on the track at Northside Christian School (Address: 7777 62nd Ave North in St. Pete). The Run/Race Distance is 1 mile.
      The cost to register is $10. Kids 12 & Under can participate for free! The event commences at 6:45 PM. There will be multiple heats of the mile so participants can run with people of comparable speed.

      Provisional Event Schedule

      Arrival & Registration: 6:15 PM.
      6:45 - Kids 1-Lap
      6:55 - Kids 1-Mile
      7:15 - Believe Mile - 12:00 - 15:00 pace
      7:35 - Achieve Mile -9:00 - 12:00 pace.
      7:50 - Moxie Mile - 7:00 - 9:00 Pace
      8:00 - Championship Mile Female - Under 7:00 minute pace ($50 for the top female)
      8:10 - Championship Mile Male - Under 7:00 minute pace
      ($50 for the top male)
      8:25 - Pace Your Race - Estimate finish time & closest finisher wins $50. This Race is open for everyone of all abilities to participate.
      8:40 - Awards

      Ways to Register

      1. In store at St. Pete Running Company, 6986 22nd Ave N, SP
      2. Online Click Here
      3. Sign up the day of the event at the track
      St Pete Mile Run
      Other Info:
      -$1 for every mile run will go to benefit the Athletic Department of Northside Christian School.
      - This event is for runners of all abilities.
      - Bring your family and friends out to cheer on the other runners
      -Celebrate National Running Day in a fun and festive way with other runners.
      - Be sure to tell us and others if you're running! Use #mystpetemile and #RunStPete and tell us WHY you're running.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q - Do I have to be fast or experienced to do this?

      A - No! Our events and programming are for people of all abilities and paces.

      Q - What if I'm not that fast?

      A- We group participants into pace groups so you will run with people of your approximate speed. Example: All the people who run 8:30 per mile will be seeded in the Moxie Mile which is for those who run 7:00-9:00 pace. You won't be racing against someone looking to run 4:30.

      Q - Is there a race T-shirt?

      A - No, we've got something better. The adult finishers get a limited edition bottle of our hot sauce!

      Q - Will there be medals?

      A - No, but you can take lots of pictures and catalogue your experience on social media. This keeps your cost down and doesn't take up space in your closet.

      Q - How do I know what pace I run?

      A - We recommend timing yourself for a practice mile and using that. We also have track training on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM at Northside Christian Track. Training on a track can help you understand approximately what pace you'll be able to run during the race.

      Q - Can my kids run this?

      A - YES! Kids 12 & Under can participate for free! Children are our future and they deserve a healthy and active lifestyle. We have a little kids running class on Sunday, May 27th at 3:00 PM to teach your little ones proper running form. Toddlers/small children can do the 1-Lapper (400 meters or 1/4 Mile) or the kids mile, depending on how much running they have been doing.

      Q - Can I bring my dog?

      A - No. We aren't allowed dogs on the track.

      Q - How does Pace Your Race work?

      A- Pace your race is for all participants. Even if you've run a previous mile. Before the event you'll need to predict your estimated mile finishing time. We'll hide all clocks & there's no watches for this event. The finisher who gets the closest to their estimated time will be the winner and get $50.

      Q - Where can I sign up?

      A - Sign up ONLINE by clicking the link, or come into St. Pete Running Company to sign up in store, or sign up at the track on Wednesday, June 6th, where you can register at 6:15 PM