Skyway Training January 11, 2018 14:39

Skyway (Hill) Training

Have you signed up for the Skyway 10k or just need to be held accountable to do hill workouts? Come be a part of our Bridge Training workouts!
This 5 week session will start January 21st and end on February 18th, the week before the Skyway 10k. The official dates for each session are Jan 21st, Jan 28th, Feb 4th, Feb 11th, and Feb 18th at 9 AM. The location will vary with each session, but there will be hills and/or bridges at each one! Each workout is different and will focus on a specific skill for hill running guaranteed to improve your fitness and do so without causing injury to your body.
Why do hill/bridge training?
Hill training is important for a number of reasons. In a nutshell, hills are important because they create variety and intensity, which improves your endurance, anaerobic capacity, speed, power, running form, and overall strength.


This program is designed for any runner who share any/all of these goals.

  • If you are training for the Skyway 10k
  • Understand the importance of staying healthy and want guidance/leadership to help them achieve their goals.
  • Want to learn how to run hills more efficiently and without injury

Participants should be in good health and cleared by a doctor to be able to run. You should be able to complete a 3 mile walk/run before joining the training group. Yes, it’s okay to take walk breaks.


    The cost for the program is $50 for the 5 weeks or $15 for a single workout. If you register for the whole program you will receive 10% Discount in store purchases until March 5.
    If you would like more information on this training session please call the store at 727-800-5043 or email Jimmy.