Meet Believer Achiever Tiffany

No one expects to suffer a life-altering injury, but that's what happened to Tiffany, who is now legally blind.

As a Believer Achiever, Tiffany has a "Never Give Up" attitude that pushes her along no matter what obstacles face her. Her goal is to complete the St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon and beat the time she got last year.

Overcoming Adversity

Tiffany faces major challenges each and every day because of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which led to her becoming legally blind.

A former gym owner, Tiffany was training for an upcoming Muay Thai fight. At the end of a session, she passed out and was taken to the hospital where doctors discovered a cerebral hematoma.
After brain and eye surgery, Tiffany's sight became very limited to the point where she is legally blind. "It's like seeing through a straw," she explains. That makes it difficult to run, and her balance and coordination is off, so everyday tasks have gotten harder. She has dealt with losses in short term memory and long term memory.

When You Believe, You Achieve

When Tiffany was younger, she ran track in school. A friend suggested she join St. Pete Running Company's Track Program, which involves a coached workout on the track at Northside Christian School. She fell in love with the program and the people. Week after week, she continues to come out to Wednesday Track Night. One fellow runner even held Tiffany's hand when the sun started setting to assist in guiding her steps as it got dark.

Tiffany stays active in as many ways as she can. A former personal trainer, her love for working out helps her maintain a healthy routine. At home, she has written her own workouts and completes what she sets out to do. About three times a week, her mom drops her off at the beginning of a trail where she's able to run the familiar route by herself or with a friend. On occasion, friends have taken her to the gym for a workout, and she's been able to participate in a spin class once a week.
As St. Pete Run Fest approaches, Tiffany is well prepared to face the challenge and hopes to better her Half Marathon time.


Tiffany's Advice

"Never stop! And live in the moment. I'm motivated by life in general and have always been a very physical person. I continue to try to improve both physically and mentally every day. My advice to others is to join in the events with St. Pete Running Company. They will always make you feel welcome."


St. Pete Running Company is a proud sponsor of St. Pete Run Fest. We're the Official Merchandizer of St. Pete Run Fest, and we'd love to see you in our store, at the race expo on race weekend Nov. 16th-17th, and at our cheer station on Sunday, Nov. 18th.




Blogger Bria is a Customer Service Manager at St. Pete Running Company.