Meet Believer Achiever Casey

No one expects to be hit by a car, but that's what happened to Casey just a few months before he was signed up to compete in an Ironman.

As a Believer Achiever, Casey strives to rebuild his dreams even in the midst of disappointment, and to overcome the obstacles with the best team he has: his family. His goal is to set a Personal Record at the St. Pete Run Fest Half Marathon.

Overcoming Adversity 

Casey's dream of completing the Ironman in Chatanooga was shattered in a split second when he was hit by a car two months before the event. The dream he and his family had invested in for months was gone. The recovery was a process, and he knew he wouldn't be back to full strength in time for the Ironman.

Thanks to the intense training leading up to the Ironman, Casey was in the best shape of his life, and that contributed to his healing and the great progress he made following the accident. Plus he was determined not to let the accident defeat him. 

When You Believe, You Achieve

When Casey realized that his dream of competing at the Ironman in Chattanooga was gone, he made a decision: to volunteer at the event and bring his family along. He was able to lead by example, and to show his children that he could express passion for his dream by serving others.

Recovery became something for the whole family. His kids helped him set and reach Milestones, and they had a role to play. He set a new goal: to run the Half Marathon at St. Pete Run Fest and to set a Personal Record. The timeline was tight as the race takes place four months after the accident, but with the support of his family and his determination, Casey feels more than prepared to take on this challenge. And he can't wait to join his son in the St. Pete Run Fest 5K, which will be his son's first race.


Casey's Advice

"A decision has to be made. You can sulk or you can turn this into a way to inspire. I wanted my kids to know that nothing can stop you from achieving a dream. My serious injuries were simply 'ouchies' and we built milestone lists. WE started making progress. Although I could not compete, my kids saw my passion when I took on volunteering at the race where I could no longer compete. No matter what you do, do it to the best of your ability! 


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