What is Your Most Important Piece of Equipment?

Whether you're a runner or a walker, you probably consider running/walking shoes the most important piece of equipment for your workout. But is there anything else that is equally important?

For women, the answer is YES! A quality sports bra is also one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for a walk or jog.

Here are 3 facts that every woman should know:

  1. IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME - Breast tissue loses elasticity as women age. There are several reasons for this, but the end result is the same: sagging breasts. On the other hand, not all sports bras provide the same amount of support needed to slow or delay this process. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and a cheap sports bra may speed you toward that loss of elasticity.
  2. 80% OF WOMEN ARE IN THE WRONG BRA SIZE-- Speaking from personal experience, I fell into this statistic. I had been wearing a 34D for years. Thanks to my sports bra fitting, I discovered that 32DD was actually my proper fit. Having the wrong bra size is another factor that leads to a premature loss of elasticity.
  3. A SPORTS BRA SHOULD NOT REACH ITS FIRST BIRTHDAY-- Just like breast tissue, a sports bra's material will lose its elasticity over time due to the nature of the body's movement during physical activity. A cheap bra in particular can start stretching out in a matter of months. A stretched out or worn-out sports bra means a lack of support that contributes to an early loss of elasticity.
In conclusion:
Quality matters in a sports bra. Running with insufficient support is not only uncomfortable, but could also be contributing to an increased and premature loss of breast tissue elasticity.

Are You In Discomfort When You Walk/Run/Jog?

Here's another fun fact:

  • Size DD Equals up to 12 Pounds of Weight For One Ligament to Support-- There are no muscles in breast tissue. Only one ligament supports the breast tissue on its own.

Plus it doesn't matter if you're an A cup or an F cup. Every woman can benefit from having a high-quality sports bra.


Get Fitted For the Sports Bra that's Just Right For You!

Cody and Janna Angell, owners of St. Pete Running Company, choose to carry Brooks Sports Bras in the store because they are the #1 brand for runners. Every stitch sewn is engineered to support the unique needs and preferences of female runners everywhere. Their goal is to ensure that every woman feels free to move with confidence.


Our Best Sellers

We carry several types of sports bras, and here is a detailed Pros and Con list of our two Best Sellers.

The Juno Racerback



  • Interior unicup that gives shape to the breasts (aka no uni-boob or nipple show-through)

  • Complete adjustability with front-adjustable straps and adjustable back closures for custom fit

  • Interior front yoke prevents vertical breast movement

  • Increased ventilation from DriLayer® Powermesh zones on the back

  • Encapsulation/Compression (keeps everything in place)

  • Bonded areas for anti-chafe protection

  • Hidden support panels


  • Somewhat difficult to get on/off the body

The Jubralee

  • Molded cups to maintain shape

  • Complete adjustability with front-adjustable straps and adjustable back closures for custom fit

  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Interior front yoke prevents vertical breast movement

  • Adjustable, soft-padded back closure for proper fit and support

  • Encapsulation/Compression

  • Bonded areas for anti-chafe protection

  • Hidden support panels


  • May need to go up a size

    Ladies Night - Demo the Bras!

    We're hosting an event called BRAS & BEER this Friday, July 13th from 6-8PM. Join us for a fun run where you can demo a Brooks running sports bra.

    Meet at St. Pete Running Company at 6:00 PM where the Brooks rep will get you a demo bra to wear during the run. Or you can wear your own bra if you prefer. Afterward, stick around for snacks, drinks, and great discounts in store.

    For more info, visit the Facebook Page Event where you can RSVP and share the event with your female friends and relatives.


    A Video Walking You Through A Sports Bra Fitting




    Blogger Bria is a Customer Service Manager at St. Pete Running Company.