3 Mistakes People Make When Selecting Running Shoes

At some point, new running or walking shoes are a must. Maybe you've worn out a pair, and you're wondering what to buy next. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when selecting your replacement running/walking shoes.

1. Foot shape, arch height, or pronation determine which shoes you buy.

This is the #1 mistake made not only by consumers, but also by sports and running store employees. Research has shown these common misconceptions to be false, and that selecting shoes by these factors can actually lead to foot and knee problems. During walking and running, pronation will occur and naturally absorbs shock. Excessive pronation should be corrected with strengthening exercises for the foot, leg, and hip, rather than by a certain type of shoe.

2. Your shoes are too tight.

Too tight shoes can lead to blistering and foot pain over time. No two feet are identical. That means left and right shoes may need to be different sizes. Each foot should be measured when selecting a new pair of running shoes. The toe base of a shoe should be roomy, not tight. The big toe needs about ½ an inch of space from the end of the shoe. Although the foot should not easily come out of the shoe, all five toes should have room to wiggle.

3. Your shoes have too much cushion or “support.”

This is another common mistake. The extra cushioning can cause bad habits to form. The cushion can cause runners to land with greater impact than with a shoe that has less cushioning. Orthotics and inserts for arch support are often not necessary in the long term. A therapist can help increase foot strength with exercises. With increased foot strength, orthotics and inserts will not be needed and a proper running shoe can be selected.

The solution?

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Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.