Hoka One One isn't afraid to admit that their shoes are a little bit crazy.


The Clifton, Men's (Click image to enlarge)

Notice the height, which makes the shoe appear to be heavy. Looks can be deceiving. This model weighs in under 8 ounces. That's what we call a lightweight shoe.


Conquest 2, Men's


Conquest 2, Women's


The Clifton, Women's

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They don't look exactly like other running shoes. A little bit crazy? Sure. But here's what you'll love about HOKA ONE ONE running shoes.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. Most of their models are under 11 ounces. The foot doesn't ride high on the platform, but slides down inside like a "shoe canoe." Most people have told us that the day after a longer run in HOKAs, they don't feel as beaten up as they did in their old running shoes.

  • ENCOURAGES GOOD FORM. The drop encourages runners to strike the ground slightly in front of the belly button where ideal running stride is achieved.

  • REHABILITATION SHOE. Often we have customers with a history of multiple knee surgeries. Our number one recommendation for them once they are cleared to begin exercising again is to resume running with HOKA ONE ONE. The shoe is stabilizing and can help those with past injuries.

  • RUNNER'S WORLD AND PODIATRIST-APPROVED. Endorsed by Runner's World magazine and Dr. Brian Fullem, podiatrist.

  • LONG-LASTING. Compared to regular running shoes, HOKA ONE ONE lasts 1.5 to 2 times as long in most cases.


HOKA size 16

Need to special order size 15? Not a problem!

All of their shoes are designed to provide integrated stability which is adaptable to a wide range of feet and running styles. They continue to grow in popularity.


Note the purple line on the rise. Graph courtesy of

HOKA ONE ONE understood from the beginning that natural foot motion was extremely important for uniformity of stride. They incorporated minimum drop geometry along with a rolling rocker design to promote consistent rhythm in the runner's foot strike. They engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes. Along with maximal cushioning, this provides runners of all types with an energizing, stable ride.


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