Here at St. Pete Running Company, we carry a specialized line of Gatorade products that most stores don't have. That line is called Gatorade Endurance. The products are specialized for endurance athletes like runners and triathletes. Gatorade Endurance is NOT regular Gatorade or G2. It is an elite line of sports nutrition for endurance athletes who have specific fueling needs and performance goals.

Used on Major Race Courses In America

Train smart. Train with the products you'll be given during your race. On all major marathon courses, and on every 70.3 mile race and Ironman race in the U.S., the volunteers will be handing you Gatorade Endurance products.

Fun Fact: At Ironman, they will serve orange flavored Gatorade Endurance Formula drink during the bike, and lemon-lime flavored Gatorade Endurance Formula drink on the run.

Tip For Endurance Training: Shoot for 60 grams of carbs per hour of workout.


Products We Carry

    Gatorade Endurance Formula

    Part of a five-electrolyte blend which includes sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride, Gatorade Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink designed to provide hydration during prolonged training and racing when fluid and electrolyte losses can be significant. It has 2X the sodium and 3X the potassium of regular Gatorade.


        Carb Energy Drink

        Carb Energy Drink is a liquid blend of carbs and B-vitamins that’s formulated to fuel muscles. Great to drink before a long run as it is configured for an endurance athlete.


            Carb Energy Chews

            Carb Energy Chews are designed as fuel for both before and during long-distance training and racing. One package of chews provides carbohydrate energy and electrolytes to help you perform at your peak. Their texture is easy to chew, making them the perfect fuel on the go. Plan to eat one chew every fifteen to twenty minutes on a bike ride.



                Gatorytes are a special, supplemental five-electrolyte blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium created for salty sweaters and cramp-prone athletes. Mix with any 20-ounce Gatorade drink to enhance.


                    Endurance Formula Thirst Quencher Powder

                    Endurance Formula Thirst Quencher Powder has nearly double the sodium (300mg) and triple the potassium (140mg) of original Gatorade. Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink, designed to hydrate athletes engaging in prolonged training and racing when fluid, electrolyte and carbohydrate losses can be significant.




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