Running Hot: 4 Tips (for walkers, too)

If you live anywhere near St. Pete Running Company, you know it's HOT and HUMID in the summer. That makes it more difficult to run than other times of the year. That doesn't mean you have to stop running, but there are some important things to remember during summer training.


1. Run in the off hours with a group or a friend

Early morning or evening when the sun is going down becomes ideal for running in summer months. Avoid running in the heat of the day, especially after twelve o'clock. Also make plans to have a friend join you so you're not running alone. Join the Group Run at St. Pete Running Company to make sure you have company during your run. If you do a solo run, tell someone your route (not via social media), or use an app like Garmin Connect and send your LiveTrack feed to a trusted family member or friend.

2. Wear the right stuff

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and wicking apparel are essential during the hot months in Florida to protect you from the sun's UV rays. Most of the running apparel at St. Pete Running Company has wicking technology that helps keep you cooler. Sweat evaporates faster with the right type of workout clothing, allowing your body to regulate its temperature.

3. Hydrate

Not only during, but especially before and after a run, make sure you drink plenty of water. Carry water, or map out a route where water fountains are at least every mile and a half. Electrolytes are also very important to keep your energy level from plummeting, so keep these replenished also (if not during, after).

4. Listen to your body

Keep the pace a little slower than usual during summer months. Take walk breaks. Think of this training time as maintaining. As the weather cools, you can increase pace, speed, and mileage, but in the meantime, make sure you're not burning out or risking heat stroke.




Blogger Bria works at St. Pete Running Company as a customer service manager.