THE TOP 3 BENEFITS OF COMPRESSION August 08, 2015 14:00 2 Comments

Why Compression?

1. Increased blood flow/circulation which reduces swelling and inflammation

The number one thing that compression does for athletes is increase circulation and blood flow, which is extremely important for swelling and inflammation reduction. The tight fit of compression pants, shorts, sleeves, socks, etc., causes the body to increase blood flow to those areas. During a workout, walk, run, or jog, that increased blood flow serves to keep muscles in a "warmed up" state that will reduce swelling/inflammation afterward.

2. Faster recovery time and reduced fatigue

Studies have shown that compression aids athletes in faster recovery and a reduction of fatigue after a workout or a race. Feel free to test it out. Wear your regular running apparel one day, and wear compression the next time you run the same distance. Go to the gym in your regular gym clothes, and the next time you workout at the gym, wear compression. See for yourself how much quicker you recover, and how much better you feel in those areas of your body where you wore compression.

3. Supports muscles (reduction of muscle movement)

Compression is intended to fit tightly and snugly on the body. The fabric is designed to support muscles and help reduce the amount of movement needed for specific muscles that can tire with overuse. For example, compression calf sleeves support the calf muscles. Calves work hard while an athlete is running, and sore calves can be prevented with compression sleeves or full-length compression socks.


Cody (far left) and Chris (far right) after a brutal workout with a Saucony ambassador. Their compression shorts and socks make a huge difference for their recovery.


Which compression to wear?

Come in to St. Pete Running Company and check out our variety of compression apparel options, from socks to sleeves to shorts to capri-length pants to full-length pants.

If you've never tried compression before, do yourself a favor and try it today. Your body will thank you.




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